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Posted by Carlota on May 11, 2020
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MOVING item realized 3D Web Configurator for the world’s first modular lab balance. Halle (Saale) – the laboratory scale series of Cubis of Gottingen laboratory and process technology provider Sartorius represents a technological milestone. The Cubis is the world’s first modular lab scale, freely configurable and adaptable to varying areas of application. From simple weighing to managing complex processes using user/password management, she meets modern weighing needs at the highest level. An infinite abundance of possibilities for all applications by clicking Configure.

To in the fullness of this opportunities to assemble the appropriate configuration, MOVING has developed element a special application, combining the advantages of a configuration system visualization with the latest possibilities of 3D. The design, selection and configuration process is easy, effective, and visualized with a high “joy-of-use” of the application, illustrated and supported. The complete Configurator works with only a single Flash animated button. With the new 3D Configurator customers and dealers can configure the Cubis online, look at from all sides, interactively Exchange modules with just a few mouse clicks, select more equipment, accessories, and much and configured so the scale is perfectly tailored to the specific needs. Special highlight: in just a few weeks, MOVING visualized element more than 9,600 different images for the different configurations of scale. As a result, a new generation of product visualizations, which is inserted into the Configurator, and that was with extremely high visual quality, which makes a distinction between real photographed and computer-generated images with the naked eye no longer possible.

From our daily work with our customers, we know about the new requirements on product marketing and product communications. This concerns in particular the scope of variant-rich, high-quality and relevant products”, explains Hanjo Nyhuis, Managing Director of MOVING element GmbH. The wish of many customers for individualized products means a huge explanation and communication expenses for the manufacturer sales. Consider item interested buyers can use the 3D configurators from MOVING and partner try customized products across all digital media, E.g. on the Internet from all sides in photo quality and uncomplicated modules such as colors, equipment, capabilities and materials change. Special feature: For the first time be applied so by the customer or the sales engineering and calculation work: offers and tailor-made manufacturing data arise per mouse click and all in real time. Businesses throughout opens new perspectives to improve efficiency and customer orientation to. Through application-oriented networking existing corporate data, manufacturers can offer fully automated individual products and visualize. This allows not only a new quality in the Product marketing, is convinced Nyhuis. Especially could be sales, development and communication costs and at the same time increase sales results. About MOVING element MOVING element is a strategically thinking technology creative consultant and specialist in virtual product design and digital applications and developed convergent solutions in the areas of digital media, product design, software, business strategy and innovation. MOVING ELEMENTS is a technology-driven real time-based interactive agency, one of the pioneers in the development of 3D decision systems. With the linking of ERP systems and highly realistic 3D specialists develop animation including 3D configurators and training applications, ensure that well-known customers of the company for sales, cost reductions and higher customer satisfaction.