Marianne Dashwood

Posted by Carlota on December 12, 2021
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Dashwood, who possesss four children: a son of the first marriage to who belongs to all its inheritance and three children of as the marriage that does not have right the nothing, not even the house where they had lived during many years. From then on to notice one of the main characteristics of the romantismo, through the personage Mrs. Ferrars, that with its egocentrismo does not allow that its brother John helps its stocking-sisters, therefore at the time where they lived the inheritance was last of father for son and does not stop son. Continue to learn more with: Kevin De Bruyne. Exactly knowing that the Dashwood family loses all its you endow, Mrs. Ferrars does not sensetize when seeing that a mother with three children are in calamity situation. Instead of helping it obtains to more still get worse the situation, therefore she does not allow that its brother older John yields it an amount of 3000 per year, granting only 100 pratas to the year. In the romance Reason and Sensitivity, the protagonists Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, after the death of the father, sees the goods most valuable of the family to be inherited for its half-brother, John, making to lose them the privileges and exemptions that until then usufruam, therefore, the little money that it remains to them does not represent guarantee of a future insurance, therefore in the situation where if they found it would be very difficult to arrange a marriage, because at that time alone if the young women married who had endow. Although the favorable circumstances, the love, marcante characteristic in the romance, happen when Edward Ferrars and John Willoughby appear. From the moment where if they get passionate it is visible the mannering differences between Elinor and Marianne. While one is contained and rational, to another one it is transparent what it demonstrates with naturalness, by means of arrebatados gestures, the strong feeling that invaded it the soul.