Posted by Carlota on July 2, 2015
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Carlos Dwells Vanegas The Venezuelan Areas of Postgraduate, as for the masters in Administration of Companies (MBA) with their respective mentions, require to update themselves, to define a new profile of the withdrawn one according to the needs of the present scenes that the present needs, especially, in a country, where it is characterized by turbulences, product of its political, economic instability and decay in its university studies of predegree. Combined all this, to an almost colapsado enterprise system that has not known to suitably face the challenges of the present, to generate the transformations which they guarantee not only permanence, but development, especially, before the action of the present government that has undermined its operativity, consequence of the undertaken, reflected actions in the established exchange control, tax rates, financing, intervention, distrust, between some. It is perceived, an absence of management described, able to confront the threats, the changes, of knowing how to take the opportunities, to transform the weaknesses into strengths, to apply the administrative knowledge that in the present are used, in order to guarantee competitiveness, conquest of markets. The administration postgraduates that are offered must guarantee investigations, to make that their educational ones, the students, participate in them, face the problems who the country confronts in these areas, providing solutions, models, proposals. One is due to stimulate plus the investigation, to cause that the works of degrees are product of investigations of field, that it generates new knowledge, paradigms that entail to a benefit for all the involved actors. The innovation in new methods of education, learning are due to stimulate, that effectively uses the advantages that the present society of the knowledge presents/displays, using all the benefits that Internet provides, the services of network on line that favors the formation of the participant. One is due to have professors of complete time, with experience, it jeopardize with the investigation, who motivate the participants to generate new knowledge of agreements to the requirements that the present economic and commercial scenes require.