Posted by Carlota on May 25, 2014
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Cellulite is an evil of many women even if it is difficult to accept. However not we can do of pacho eye and pretend that nothing happens because the State of health of our skin cannot be hidden, particularly when the summer has arrived. The best way to learn how to fight cellulite in buttocks is combining various actions: follow a healthy diet, exercising, using anti cellulite products and undergo cosmetic or medical treatments. Not aggressive anti cellulite treatments or little invasive range, we can submit to those who include the carboxytherapy. Conducting small penetrations, through needles, carbon dioxide, seeks to break up fat deposits that have accumulated in our glutes, hips and thighs and also helps in their process of elimination or drainage. In reality, what the carbon dioxide to be injected is stimulating the process of combustion and fat burning, with which of these accumulations decreasing gradually.

It is a treatment almost painless offered excellent short-term results, above all in the appearance of the skin which regains its softness and smoothness. How to combat cellulite in buttocks in another way? Another small injections-based treatment is the application of Silicon. Following methods and tools of Mesotherapy, va implemented little by little Silicon in our skin. The right way to do this is by placing the needle perpendicular to our skin and place each injection only a drop of Silicon. For this reason this treatment requires several sessions, being at least one application per week and is recommended after you begin to see the results, always is to continue with the applications of Silicon although already not applied in a manner so regular. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.