Middle Priorities

Posted by Carlota on May 5, 2013
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In the next article we will have the opportunity to set priorities for the freelance that allow us to accomplish certain tasks in a certain time. Priorities, help you plan strategies to achieve objectives and define what activities or projects are less important than others, the organization is the pillar of the priorities. So let’s review some priorities or commandments that all freelance should contemplate in your list. 1. Define a work philosophy: don’t be the typical freelance who has the enthusiasm of being independent and therefore will accept all types of work without limits.

You must define your own philosophy of work in relation to customers, projects, profits and times. When you know what you want as an entrepreneur, you earn respect for your work and your cost, avoiding others to take advantage of your enthusiasm or goodwill. 2 Communication strategy to promote their services: If your work as freelance focuses on the design, development, writing for the web or has something to do with the Internet, provides a web site that sells what you’re doing. Recalls that nothing better than a portfolio that always show your experience and a web site or blog will be a good way to show what you know. In addition, business cards, are never more, because of the networking. Your presence on social networks and sign up for sites where you can promote your work. 3.

Establish a work schedule: work independently does not mean stop having life or does not work for fun, everything is a matter of balance. Sets a schedule for 8 to 14 hours according to your priorities of projects, but don’t forget that this can be absorbent completely, therefore is better to set the time for each activity. 4 Search for customers: is a top priority to establish relationship with other freelance or people in the Middle allowing you to obtain references to projects.