Money Is An Idea

Posted by Carlota on March 20, 2020
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Surely you’ve been asked many times: How to make money? how to generate wealth? Understand the concept that money is a basic idea is that it arrives safely to your life. The first step to having money and wealth is to know is to understand that these are concepts, and they are not. Few people know that money and wealth really are or what they mean. What is money and wealth? yQue cause? Let’s start with the money, the global symbol of wealth. Money is not real, is an idea, money is simply a form of exchange.

We use it to change value. The sole purpose of money is only to represent value. Money is the a cuerpoa of value. It is the physical representation of the value we give to things. Things by themselves are worthless. We, the observers, we give value to things. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ebay. The subject has no cash value by itself. Learn to not focus on money.

If you do, you focus on the wrong thing, an illusion or idea. Money is not real, is an idea Looking to the illusion, the physical money, it’s pretty bad and unhealthy for you and your finances. Look at the value within you and within people, and the flow and exchange of value between people. Our internal value is what creates the money, money is the shadow of our internal value.

Develop your internal value in yourself and others and the money and wealth will come automatically. Without fail. Your internal value of abundance (which is reflected in the material world as money) is called consciousness of wealth. The consciousness of wealth is available to all equally and can be developed by anyone who wants it. It’s your decision to develop or not to exercise it or not. At any time you change your decision and nothing external to you, you can stop. You do not need anything external to you to increase your wealth consciousness and therefore your money. All you need to increase and is there now. Maybe you’ve forgotten, but it is there. The first step is always to remember that money is not real, is an idea, is the illusion of something else. And here’s another secret: Wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and responsiveness of the rich parts of yourself. All you need is to increase your consciousness of wealth that is already within you now. You are already plentiful, but you have been taught not experience your wealth. One insight changes everything! Just like the rich, you can now begin to experience your wealth.

You have more wealth capability within you that you can experience in a lifetime. No need to worry that you’ve reached your limit of becoming rich in any way, nor need to know how to convert your consciousness of wealth in cash, this will happen automatically. All you need do is expand your consciousness of wealth and power exercise it in the opportunities that will arise. Once you have your consciousness of wealth, will be very difficult to not get the success and wealth you deserve. The success and wealth will follow you automatically wherever you go. No need to worry about looking for money, because he will find you. You will be free to experience other aspects of life that you may not have if you want to dream before, dimensions of being and life which are really impressive!