Morality To aminals

Posted by Carlota on November 14, 2023
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Gandhi said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress could be measured by the treatment of their animals. If true, this sentence would deprive countries greatness to upset the balance of nature to follow a model of sustainable development. Such is the case in Denmark, where they perform massacres of dolphins in their coasts, or France, which allows its farmers fatten their geese until their liver bursts. Or Japan, where organized killing of endangered whales. They say that scientific research justifies the practice, but most of the bodies of these whales is used to feed farm animals. Killing sharks in China and Japan to get only the fins causes an imbalance in the ecosystem that will pay the other species, including humans, if not starting to ban these practices. Spain, for example, has done with the game of hammerheads and thresher sharks in danger of extinction. to another country in Focus is Canada, which allows the death clubs baby seals for fur production and export.

The European Parliament passed a regulation prohibiting the importation and marketing of seal products in the European Union. Canada is already preparing a lawsuit against the European Union at the World Trade Organization by impeding the libre comercioa a , as if it were above the highest good of protecting the planet and human welfare. By the same author: Dr John Holtsclaw. To make a fur coat requires 8 or 20 adult seals baby seals, according to the Equanimal, which publishes the numbers of individuals of other species that are needed to make a fur coat: 17 lynx, 60 mink, 20 otters, 20 foxes, 60 martens, 250 squirrels and 12 wolves. .