Nowadays Lee

Posted by Carlota on July 22, 2016
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Obsessed of the technologies Lee he is to his 37 years an obsessed one of the technologies, ‘ geek’ , as he made clear in his participation in the cycle Asia Geek – organized by Asia House, he says and showing it a spectacular clock of Apple wrist of infinite applications and stressing that in its house has all the ” aparatitos” that he can accumulate and that they help him to be ” hyperofficial notice, hyperconnected and hiperrelacionado” , almost like Super-mouse. Next to the technologies, the Bara is its other great passion. A friend presented/displayed to him to Sandro Rosell when this one prepared its jump to the presidency of Barcelona and position offered to him to become of the subjects related to the network. Lee is one of ” responsables” from which Barcelona has removed the maximum yield to Internet and at the moment it is the soccer club world-wide leader in social networks, with more than 14 million of fans in Facebook and almost 1.9 million followers in Twitter. ” Something I have to do, but he is in the number one is because it is the Bara, independent of if I am I or another one; and in addition is Messi ” , it remembers. The conquest of the new channels is in charge of everything what has to do with the technology in the azulgrana club: electronic commerce, platforms Web ” Our objective is to use l you new channels to be more near our partners and fans, to interact with them, and to use these routes like a channel of comercializacin”. A to weigh of its enterprise successes, Lee, recognized in 2006 like better young person Catalan industralist, affirms that its race is full of so many successes as of failures, but that always have moved with boldness within ” culture of esfuerzo” and the one of ” error” , in that one is due to assume that nobody is perfect. ” Nowadays more surely he is arriesgarse” , it affirms east industralist, fruit of the mixture of two cultures that make him define themselves as ” banana” , yellow by outside and target on the inside..