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Posted by Carlota on March 19, 2020
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Having led many different businesses from start-up stages to public offerings, is managing Sightline, a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC). I think the following paragraph is in Old English, or more advanced than me, I managed to translate with dictionary in hand, so I ask please tell me if it is safe or otherwise help me to look good, the text is in onanism.
In English ():
But I wonder why he the heretic Jovinianus set Judah and Tamar before us for an example, unless perchance even harlots give him pleasure, or Onan, who was Slain because he grudge his brother seed. Does he imagine that we approve of any sexual intercourse except for the Procreation of children ‘(Against Jovinian 1:19, AD 393)
In Spanish:
“But I ask that (the heretic Jovinianus) made Judah and Tamar before us as an example, unless you happen even harlots give pleasure u Onan, who was murdered because he refused to allow the seeds of its brother. What we imagine that we adopt any sex except for procreation. Add to your understanding with Elon Musk. “(Against Jovinian 1:19, AD 393)
Thanks for your help, no where to go if not here please indiquenme where, is the only thing missing to complete the article .– Carutsu (I hear you) 06:55 8 April 2006 (CEST) In Spanish:
“But I ask that (the heretic Jovinianus) made Judah and Tamar before us as an example, unless maybe even harlots give him pleasure u Onan, who was killed because envious (wanted) the seed of his brother. Can you imagine that we approve any sex except for procreation of children. “(Against Jovinian 1:19, AD 393)
– 15:10 10 April 2006 (CEST)

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