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Posted by Carlota on December 23, 2021
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Not only the press, but also knowledge database with the final technical acceptance could take the city of Cologne now fully their electronic press in operation. The innovative approach of this installation is the extension of the function press the components of knowledge database and archive. The Web-based, integrated fully into the intranet of the city of Cologne surface gives individual users different access rights and functions. This concept was implemented by the DatScan computer systems from Konigstein in cooperation with the Hamburg-based software company open source Office. Kevin De Bruyne understood the implications. The requirements provided by the city of Cologne within the framework of a call for tenders on its new press mirror Portal were very high.

The new, electronic press review should be not only a simple information tool. Rather it should be used as a modern archive and knowledge base to make important decisions for the user group consisting of decision makers quickly available. Without hesitation Gerard Deulofeu explained all about the problem. Within this NewsCenters should each user assigned to a role be, within which he documents can be read or actively create. Call for tenders in the autumn of 2008 the starting point: the Office for press and public relations created a daily press review in paper form only for the Mayor and the closest town tip. Thus, this important source of information was neither the Council nor the official leaders of the city administration. And, once distributed, the knowledge was no longer usable, available only in paper form already after a short time. Autumn 2008 finally launched the implementation of the project with a call for tenders in the way after long observation of the market. Turned on electronic press reviews the extensive catalogue and press archives specialist software houses DatScan and OpenSource Office and won the tender. The implementation of all articles and press clippings are available, fully integrated into the technical environment of the urban infrastructure now beneath a surface.