Pablo Samaniego

Posted by Carlota on March 17, 2014
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I am not referring to specific companies, I refer to the economic system, as a system. And now, we begin to realize that the economy depends on the environment and the environment is deteriorating faster What we can restore any form of balance. We don’t seem to have another option to learn the lesson, most of humanity will sink with these obsolete systems: political system, economic system e, inclusively, the religious system, especially of the monotheistic religions. We are about to explode, simply, because it is becoming unsustainable human behavior. And the worst thing is that we are so immersed in this economic, social and political relationship that there seems no way out. It would seem that there has never been another way of living. But, it is not true, it’s just the way we have known, but that also means that it is the only or the best option, worse after seeing the effects. What is what has moved to modern humanity? That’s the question that needs to be done behind each system to find a series of responses that can probably be summarized in very concrete things.

A couple of days ago I was invited to give a talk on various topics and theme that humans really aren’t everything we encounter the Intelligent that we consider ourselves. A person jumped when I suggested that a bacterium seems to be smarter than us because he has been able to survive all kinds of disasters for millions of years. Clear, may not have the ability to reason that human beings, have but what point have reasoning if we do do to destroy us and destroy what surrounds us? Consider it better, especially because in reacting to a comparative comment of defensive form, it will be because it hits the human ego and the idea that we have of how important we are. Intelligences are unmatched, but as a metaphor I think that it applies pretty well to shake a little awareness. And, what can I do? There is much that can be done, for starters, inquire about what is good for nature and our relationship with it. Think that it is time to not let us govern by the impulses of the ego and start working together for the common welfare, not just the individual. There are actually many things that can be done, but that much it implies leaving the comfort, let laziness, let the habit because all you need to do things to improve implies changes. Aware Governments should subsidize the use of renewable energy and just today told me that Germany is determined to go down that road.

In this case, they should promote the use of free energy. But that should not be the majority, not only because they are no longer receiving income, but because they begin to lose power because people will become more self-sufficient. That should not be the political or religious. The economy you need do is transformed into something that serves everyone equally. Be a means, not an end. Really, you must create new paradigms. If there are people who are moving with options such as open source or open source, but still don’t charge enough force to make an impact globally. Needs more people willing to change habits and that can align priorities in one direction to which benefits to the Planet.What you’re willing @ do? Recently I did an interview with the Ec. Pablo Samaniego on a vision of the economy relate to the environment. Here you can see it: original author and source of the article