Physical Examination

Posted by Carlota on August 10, 2020
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The physical examination can also be made, being observed concrete and painful liver. The syndrome of shock of the affection, starts to appear between the third and seventh day of illness, and if it keeps critic for twelve the twenty and four hours. In this case the patients reveal agitated and in some cases until they present abdominal pain. If it will not have adjusted treatment, the death many times occurs enters the four six hours. Fonseca and Figueiredo (2006, p.351). According to Ministry the Health (BRAZIL, 1996, p.25). To make possible action of monitoring epidemiologist of the affection is essential to count on organized and efficient a net of laboratories, that covers the domestic territory all. Of general form, the laboratorial diagnosis of affection has as purpose: the sorolgica or virolgica laboratorial confirmation, of the illness; the identification of the circulating sorotipos; the determination of the levels of transmission of the illness by means of the inquiries serum-epidemiologist.

It has two basic methods to establish a systematic diagnosis of the affection in laboratory, the viralgicos disgnostic and the sorolgicos disgnostic. So that the laboratories can work with affection, they must exert activities that directly are related to the diagnosis of human cases; viral detention from the arthropods? vectors and to promote identification sorotpica of the isolated viruses. Fonseca and Figueiredo (2005, p.353). It is indispensable to instruct, as much the patient as its family on appearance of the signals of alert, that it needs to be observed. To guide the familiar ones for the immediate search of hospital medical attendance and emergency in the places previously defined. Health department (BRAZIL, 1996, p.49). Until the moment, a drug does not exist that is antiviral in clinical use and that this has an action accomplishes against the virus affection. The symptomatic treatments of the fever, chronic headache, mialgias and arthralgias must be carried through in the benign cases and of indiferenciada fever, to put, must be prevented the use of salicilatos, after these can cause digestive hemorrhages, is recommended, therefore the use of paracetamol.