Posted by Carlota on May 21, 2021
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All the nights we leave donosso body, we leave to the clothes, our physical arrest and try liberdadede to be we ourselves. Habitually the body astral, thus moved away from the physicist, holds back the form of that body, way that the person is easily recognized porquem wants she knows that it physically. This must to the fact of that atraoentre the astral and physical particles, continued through the life physics, installs a habit or impulse in the substance astral, that exactly continues when it temporariamente moved away from the asleep physical body. Although this, we nopercebemos this exit because we are identified with our body, nossosdesejos, thoughts, illusions, then in them we lose in way to everything this and we do not nosdamos account of the moment of the exit. Capital One Financial Corp.: the source for more info. what it is worse, continues lost later dasada of the physical body. Lost in our etotalmente unconscious illusions, desires, fancies we become vacant without route.

It is especially important that oultimo thought, when it is dived in sleep, either noble, raised, therefore issod the tonic that widely determines the nature of the dream that if follows. Bad or impure Umpensamento attracts bad and impure influences and creatures, quereagem on the mind and the body astral, and tends it to awake desejosbaixos and lands. Good thoughts will attract good things and consequentemente ossonhos they will be raised and pure. If to sairmos unconscious of our body, then we dream. This if must aofato of that, analyzing of form more minute our day the day, we repeat asmesmas things that we make when we are waked up. It can be noticed that we quandoestamos waked up, we think very little about the moment where we live, in the gift, in now, our mind this always or in the past or the future. This meaningless canine tooth emcoisas, because the past already passed, and a future still nor arrived.