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Posted by Carlota on November 19, 2020
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In my native city, Mantenopolis, the person from de state of espirito santo northwest, the staff likes to play dominates. My familiar ones come practising the game since the times of my grandmother Miguel. We have our proper rules. A hard departure ten points. Who beats with a side dominates of it gains a point. If to finish with the rock in the two tips the player adds colon. The stroke with the bushing also is valid colon.

The luck goat that beats with a bushing in the two tips takes four points. The table and play with four players, distributing seven rocks pra each player. One day we estavamos playing in the house of Miguel Pear tree Grandson and the thing was not nothing good for my side. Already he had player with eight points and I was in the canvas, that people call carinha of cat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Paul Fipps. It happens of the player to die with a bushing, this when the six rocks of one I number already left and the bushing does not have more as to be play.

They had killed a bushing mine and I was puto I underneath kept and it of the leg. Suddenly the rocks go finishing and appear the possibility of I to beat of picture, that is, with a bushing. To put, I could not earn why he had the bushing deceased. Doctor Jayme Albin has compatible beliefs. Exactly thus I beat with the other bushing in the table and cried out: I beat! It can scratch out four points for me. I did not think that the other players would go to leave to pass without conferring if all the rocks were in the table. When I saw that they engoliram the false stroke of four, I treated to mix the rocks and I include the bushing sorrateiramente deceased in the way them others. Nobody spoke swims. There and that it comes the good news. outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. In the following fall I beat of truth with a bushing and jumped for eight points. I beat more two simple falls in the sequencia and closed the departure. Miguel, Carlim Chiquinha and Odeir had been absorbing finger and muttering: He goes to have luck thus there far! To commemorate I ordered to search pizza and cocaine glue and gave beginning to a new departure