Proper Environment

Posted by Carlota on August 1, 2016
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livings creature or not that comes suffering to horrors with incapacidadede many human beings to think about making the good and to follow a behavior condizente eats so arrogated rationality of its species. Old the surrounded envolviamaglomeraes human beings protecting the man of the bestiality predonor of the animaisselvagens. Already today, let us repair that the lesser areas of ambient preservation soquase all surrounded by walls or you surround. These exist because they protect osecossistemas remaining of the wild fury of the human ones. Without the cercamento, invariably it will have a severe invasion and destruction of the natural area pelaao human being.

For the most diverse reasons, since a necessity to usufruct of> reads sacralizadoras religions of the nature, quemuitas times considers (vain) m it one () god () e, more modernly, artificial barreirasfsicas between the human territory and the natural space. Most interesting it is that essarelao irrational of the humanity with the nature has been marked for absurd and contradictory umarazo-and-ratio: the technological level of umacivilizao is inversely proportional to the respect to the ediretamente proportional environment to the caused destruction. To become ‘ ‘ civilizado’ ‘ e’ ‘ avanado’ ‘ individual as collectively. In the individual scope, we total see ecological desmatandosanturios uninformed and devoid desderoceiros of ambient education to extend its properties until rich farmers ordenandoa destruction of hundreds of squared kilometers of forests for expandirpastos where he will be ' ' cultivado' ' a cattle that, after deceased, will supply to the meat degrande part of the enclosures of fast-food spread by the cities of the planet. Paraa nature, these agropecuaristas that frequent dress pompous coats ese veem as cultured people very act worse of what the troglodticas populations doPaleoltico in bruteza terms. Another gradient of this selvageriaantiecolgica mentions the pollution to it: since the mentally ill pedestrian who, exactly ummetro of distance of a lixeira, plays its popcorn bag in the street of its bairroat the master of a chemical industry that, opposing to invest it in ambient management, it prefers to continue launching pollutant supertoxics in a river. .