Protection At Home

Posted by Carlota on March 22, 2020
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Allow ourselves to list the main functions of the door. Why the doors to the apartment are? The first – is security. Security as protection against burglary, fire protection, protection from odor and the like. Second – it is warm and soundproofing. Insulation, which helps maintain the desired climate in our rooms and spaces. Last but not least the quality of the doors – decorative feature doors as a design element of your home. Door parcel part of the furniture and interior design. The design of common types of steel doors consist of a steel door frame, door leaf and two or three vertical stiffeners.

Ribs do not give a sheet of iron "play". In of door designs include hardware in no less than 8 points on the perimeter of the doorway, make sure the two locks, sturdy hinges, insulation, usually made of mineral wool. Often in the door on the perimeter include (paste) rubber seals, without your door will "pop". The additional, and often paid for separately, the characteristics of your front door, characteristics that are relevant in today's professional cities are fire doors and puleneprobivaemost. The overwhelming majority of citizens of the last paragraph does not take into account. And rightly so, by the way, even naklichesh imagine such a situation where on your door to the house need will be resistance to a gunshot, God forbid, of course, we all live to see such a day when the resistance door-to-shots will be for us to date. Therefore, the bullet-proof, fire doors, Moscow offers lots of it.

Modern door, it can protect your home. Almost any door that is made of iron, in any case will provide you and your family a peaceful life, if you will not be home. This indisputable fact. But for a strong and powerful the door should not forget about the appearance of your door. The easiest way to give your door a distinctive "personality" – to do its external finish. The use of vinyl and other plastics give your door the individual qualities, select it, among others. Traditionally, we have trimmed expensive door skin. Skin, under which lay a heater, let us further protection from the cold. In Recently, we have more and more people are trying to trim its steel doors of the various panels. The panels are made of different material, they may be fine in 2-3 mm thick and thick to a couple of centimeters. Can be very nice decorate your door bulky panels, they were made of thick plywood, or from solid natural wood. Thin panel can be made of plastic, be orgalitovoy also a popular manufacturer of mdf doors. Prices to always depend directly on the panel material degree of finish. The panels can be decorated with ornaments though, if you allow it to finance. Yes, to replace a simple paint when the sheet metal door just plastered , went past. Then, the door to the apartment and the garage door is not much different. Most Popular Now powder coating as the metal furniture and bank vaults. Spray Paint (powder) is made under effects of electrical currents at a temperature of special industrial furnaces. Fitting steel doors have changed little – locks, handles, peephole, a chain, the numbers on the door. Current fashion trends – a device video and intercom, intercoms and video intercoms. Typically, a solid steel door leaf, which is used in the manufacture of doors, local production, and their finishes and fittings imported.