Quarrel During Oil

Posted by Carlota on August 15, 2020
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In the used material sample for this experiment the indirect destillation: In the experiment we will make the separation of the essential oil of the mint by means of a destillation for drags. First we mount the equipment for the destillation for drags with vapor: balloon with water that serves of vapor generator (in the case we catch 2 bale (and the B), condenser and erlemeyer for the collection of the distilled one, after that we place in the balloon the 300 ml of distilled water, together we place 6 pedrinhas of porcelain and in the 90 B we place ml d distilled water and next to mint, more before we had that to weigh and the value of the pesagem he was 10.652g. Results and Quarrel During our experiment we observe and we got some results, had more not been enough so that the experiment was carried through in correct way. We describe below the main results gotten during the procedure. First we had 10,652 of the pesagem of the mint that was placed in balloon B together with the distilled water, after that in the balloon, as we place 300 ml of distilled water together with the 6 pedrinhas of porcelain that we catch and kept well warm they with the use of the blanket for the extration of the essential oil of the mint. With the ready experience already, we place in erlemeyer and we cover with a plastic and we leave 2 weeks in the laboratory to see if it had formed the essential oil, more our experiment was not enough for the formation of the essential oil, but we obtain that it was I smell with it of the mint, more not enough it for the formation of the essential oil. In the laboratory only one group obtained the certain formation of the oil that was group 1 that it used cravo. The destillation for drags the vapor is composed of the mixture of two imiscveis substances: organic components and water (vapor). Conclusion our experiment did not have the well defined formation of the essential oil of the mint, more it was possible to analyze and to perceive as to proceed when making the experience of the destillation for it drags with vapor. ISABELA ARAJO FORA-08-12-2009 JUDGE