Requirements For The Operation Of Pumps

Posted by Carlota on April 3, 2018
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In Russia should use hydraulic oil specifically designed for the bulk of hydraulic and mass-produced by domestic refineries: MG-15B GOST 17479.3-85 (VMGZ TU 38.101479-00) and MGE-46V (MG-30 TU 38.001347-83), which according to GOST 26191-84 "oils. Lubricants and special fluid "(a restrictive list and order of appointment), Annex 8 to GOST 14892-69" hydrostatic drive for the products in the "northern" performance "and OST 22-1488-86 are the main varieties of fluids. Hydraulic oil MG-15V (TU 38.101479-00 VMGZ) multigrade hydraulic gelled intended for use of mobile machinery and industrial equipment in areas with cold Climate (CL), preferably with the axial-piston pumps and hydraulic motors, and seasonal – in winter with the gear and vane pump. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. Produced oil is thickened on the basis of the composition of additives, provide the necessary viscosity, low-temperature and anti-foam properties. It provides start-up in hydraulic work without pre-heating and year-round operation of machinery and hydraulically equipment without the seasonal change in the temperature range from -53 to +53 C.

Hydraulic oil MGE-46V (MG-30 TU 38.001347-83) is intended to be mobile hydraulic machinery and industrial equipment in the open air temperate areas (V) as a summer class and in all seasons for areas with warm climates (T) in the range of temperature from -20 to +75 C. Its oil is produced from solvent-refined with the addition of antioxidant, antifoam additives and depressatora which lowers the freezing temperature. The oil has good lubricating properties, resistance to oxidation and deposition of tar deposits, as well as against foaming satisfactorily protects metal surfaces from corrosion. The frequency of changing the basic types of hydraulic oils – in 3500 … 4000 h, but at least once in 2 years. In the absence of major varieties hydraulic oil is allowed to seasonal change: winter – MG-22A (AC) in the summer – I-30A. Before the first start of the pump in the work necessary to complete all the hydraulic components – pumps, hydraulic filters, heat exchangers – the fluid, while ensuring the release of air through a tube or nipple discharge line until the external leakage..