RFID Controlled Consumption

Posted by Carlota on November 14, 2021
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Centiveo presents November 03, 2010 solution for filling stations Magdeburg: Magdeburg Centiveo company of one of the leading system houses in Germany for RFID-based solutions offers the solution for a precise amount of in-house stations used fuel. Unauthorized refueling belongs to the past. Many companies that have vehicles with internal combustion engines, fuel them on the premises on the ground. A majority of companies has no accurate overview about the whereabouts of the fuels, because a recording of consumption is limited. Therefore, the risk of abuse is relatively large.

Precise control of fueled amount is realized by using an RFID-based solution. This authenticates the user as well as his vehicle and the exact quantity of refuelled fuel. The system consists of a RFID reader for identifying the employee ID cards, a counter to record the flow and a shut-off valve. In conjunction with a database solution ensures an efficient management and administrative evaluation of the collected data. This comprehensive system ensures that only authenticated people with approved vehicles access to the fuels. An abuse may thus be excluded because all data on tank quantity as well as user and vehicle in a central location can be recorded and evaluated. Centiveo vote all solutions so that they can be integrated easily into the existing software solutions of the customer environment..