Rock Advertising

Posted by Carlota on December 23, 2021
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At the same time where the consumption passes for the idea of the desire as form of personal satisfaction, this, in turn, needs one constant process of renewal that allows to a system of variations and modifications of its products. In this direction, Rock (2005) affirms to be the consumption the last sphere of identity production, that one that the individual will allow to create itself exactly, to attribute to a history and a ontolgica conscience. Therefore, for the author the logic of the consumption is not, as could seem, to induce the purchase of definitive goods, but the fact of any thing to be able to be converted the service of the goods and to be transformed into merchandise? that is, produced, distributed and consumed. Want one xampu specific that if adapte to its type of hair? It wants an attitude of revolt, displicncia, enrollment? Wants to feel itself part of a group, moved for the common ideal? Or, for the opposite, it wants the sensation of that you are only, and that she needs clothes especially conceived for you? (ROCK, 2005, P. 118) Is this the mechanism of the advertising? of the consumption society, of which it is purer expression? to translate a spirit, attitude or style of life in an object that can be acquired. That is, the true object of consumption are not nor products, nor the life styles, not even the sensations for proportionate them, but yes, the proper subjectivity that in this way is produced. 1.4.

Welcome to the miditica society! As Rock (2005) the advertising fills, without a doubt some, social necessities, since it gives information on available goods in the market, jobs, services, etc. Are it who keeps the companies miditicas due to its prescriptions, that are an indispensable source of incomes. also is thanks to the advertising and its studies of market measured that them had been able to know its public better, despite only in the perspective of the consumption.