Rorschach Test

Posted by Carlota on April 6, 2018
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What is a Rorschach test? Test Rorschach ink blots, or test (English Rorschach ink blot test) – a psychological test, which is a table with ink blots on which you want to say how it looks, what it could be. Replies recorded and analyzed by a particular algorithm. Test named after its creator – the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach (Hermann Rorschach ,1884-1922). Why blots? From about the 19th century, people are very interested in ink stains and the fact that in their bizarre form of each person sees their own, unique content. Without hesitation Mark Bertolini explained all about the problem. In the early 19th century was popular Klyaksografiya – creating whimsical images out of ink blots. And the little Hermann Rorschach's great it turned out, it in childhood or even nicknamed blot ink blot.

Like his father, the art teacher, Hermann Rorschach was gifted in painting and drawing. Choosing to become a doctor, he ingeniously combined two of his talent. How does it work? When you look for something vague, your brain tries it as a structure, to bring shape and outline of this unknown kind of a clearer and more familiar you form. This happens when you find yourself in unfamiliar situations – You are trying to perceive, understand, "put all on the shelves." If you go into a strange dark room, by a weak shape you are trying to understand what it is. In these situations, your conclusions do not depend only on Your life experience, but on your perception of features and personality traits in general, and the less you know the situation, the more you are relying not on experience but on his own personality.