Social Inclusion

Posted by Carlota on March 5, 2013
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Agreement of collaboration gold and Opencor Opencor euros and gold for Euros, the leading company in Spain’s purchase of gold at a distance, have signed a collaboration agreement, by which Opencor will host a display of gold for Euros in their business premises. In these stands, Opencor customers may inform the characteristics and advantages of selling the gold jewelry you no longer use to get cash using gold for Euros. In each store, a commercial story of gold for two minutes Euros inform stakeholders quick and simple procedure. Users wishing to written information, have an explanatory brochure with a freephone to request the information pack, which includes a standard container for jewels and a contract of sale. The freephone number is 900 828 011. For greater discretion and convenience, the client does not have to carry your jewelry at the Mall, if not that gold by EUR puts at your disposal a free service and secured messaging that will pick up the package at any place of the country.

The valuation will be rigorous and quickly, thanks to the official Center of pricing of gold Euros, thus eliminates the middlemen and allows you to enter the money directly into the seller’s account within 24 hours. In addition, euro-gold offers the assurance that, if the person concerned is not satisfied, you have 15 days to recover their gold jewelry. About EUR-EUR gold-gold is the leader in Spain of long-distance gold jewellery purchase. Thousands of satisfied customers guarantee their highest quality service, where they offer the highest security and best price for the value of the jewels of gold. They have a center official appraisal itself in which all the jewels are verified and priced according to the official price of gold, and with a group of experts which guarantee total discretion and payment within 24 hours. Source: Press release sent by gold for Euros. Experts meeting VII: the role of the social initiative in areas with social transformation needs A Favor of the Social Inclusion: Integractua! Experts worldwide participated in the fourth meeting of Informatics and management Maulee.CL orthopedic Manual physical therapy experts reveal their function to prevent future diseases Aragon investigates