Special Education

Posted by Carlota on April 18, 2020
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It is as if it was a white elephant inside of a room. He is pretty, but it does not serve for nothing. We teach some contents that many times the pupil never will go to use, in place some, in time none. Contents that do not despertam the lesser interest in the pupils. The consequncias of this are: disinterest, indiscipline, evasion It could cite infinite examples to illustrate what it was said previously, but I go to cite only one.

I, for example, already taught ' ' The Mathematics and the Day Of the Namorados' ' for two widowers. They had not been interested themselves for the subject. Why she will be? The content was in accordance with the reality of the pupils? It is clearly that not. The content that I taught was not of meeting to the necessities of the pupils, therefore the disinterest occurred. It has contents that nor we, professors, know right so that serves and is there, teaching and charging of the pupils. It is ridicule. We would have to teach what it is really important. When a subject is in accordance with the reality, with the time, the space, with the interest of the pupil, this is antenado.

The pupil will only go to give attention what he interests to it. I go to cite same me as example. I adore the subject social inclusion. He is for this reason that I am attending a course after-graduation in Inclusive and Special Education. It is a subject that me much interest awakes. I read the texts and I make the tasks not they compel because me, but because taste, because I find pleasant to study this subject. Because I find the texts interesting and because I know that to assist they will go me in my work with social inclusion. I appreciate the texts as who saboreia one would iguaria in a restaurant. What I by chance would not happen if I was obliged to make a course that was not of my interest. Education is closely on the pleasure, to the joy, the interest. A content is not more important of what another one, as well as one disciplines is not more important of what another one. Everything depends on the reality where the pupil is inserted. He is this that defines what it is excellent and necessary for it.