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Posted by Carlota on July 15, 2016
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The article analyzes the concept of strategic personnel development we live in a time that, considering only the economy is characterized by different and challenging factors: skills shortage, increasing competition, etc. require the use of sound entrepreneurial strategies by all the participants in the markets increasingly. For this reason, there are in all sectors of the economy-new approaches to these issues. No matter whether we are talking about trade, the industry or other industries: the informed use of economically accepted tools and techniques is becoming increasingly important. And the personnel development is one of these very important tools.

The following text deals with this topic in detail, and explains the most important elements in this important area. First of all the definition of the term: all measures are called personnel development, strategic human resources development, the development, promotion and increased qualification of its own Serve employees. What an operation today should train its employees? Quite simply: Ultimately there are always employees who contribute with their knowledge, their performance and their usage to the major success of the company. This is a part of the truth. But there is a further, equally important factor: the human resources development binds the qualified employees and employees at the company and this is staff development of one of the main factors that should be neglected by any company. The opportunities of for staff development: Within the human resources development, there are a number of important and interesting tools that can be used to achieve the optimal results. Here are some of the most famous: basically in this area between the three pillars of staff education, workforce development and work structuring. Within the personnel education in turn, there are various measures such as training on the job, retraining, training off the job, E-learning, blended learning or self-directed learning.

In promoting staff, a distinction is made between different techniques such as coaching, mentoring, supervision, moderation or assesment Center. And in the broad field of work structuring ways the Job Enlargment, insert Job Enrichment, quality circles, project groups, semi-autonomous groups and special tasks. As you can see, there is an almost unimaginable amount of different opportunities of for staff development in this broad field. A company decides for which variant is of course always individually different, but ultimately all of the mentioned instruments aimed at one goal: the increased skills of staff to increase their motivation to work and thus in the long run to bind the company. Because only satisfied employees remain at the company. And this should be crucial at times of shortage for any human resources department.