State Defense Committee

Posted by Carlota on December 10, 2013
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On this issue, an agreement was reached. But in Moscow, Vyacheslav back safe in the knowledge that the British defeat the Germans to fight osteregutsya with the USSR and in the next couple of years, Germany will not break the world to the east. His confidence he gave to Stalin. Since then come up with another opinion forbidden. Zhukov recalled how in February 1941, Molotov cut him short report remark: 'You what, think that we will soon have to fight with Germans? '. Yet when the war with Germany, Molotov, in contrast to the other, retained full self-control. And so he – and not Stalin – a presentation on gryanuvshey trouble.

At noon on June 22, 1941 they were uttered on the radio speech, become prophetic: "Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours! '. And even in such a tragic moment, he forgot to stress that acts on behalf of Soviet Premier Stalin. At the beginning of World War II Molotov was appointed deputy chairman of the State Defense Committee. Working in a military assault on the state of emergency and quite consistent with his character. He coped well with the task in charge of tank production.

The efforts of the head of the People's Commissariat of Molotov in the war years were focused on building and strengthening the anti-fascist coalition. Here are the key milestones towards this goal. In May-June 1941 visiting England and the United States, Vyacheslav signed agreements on the establishment of allied relations between these States and the Soviet Union.