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Posted by Carlota on October 30, 2021
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Ask others that express additional comments. 4. Then get the following reflection with them and allows that persons wishing to do so to answer aloud: of how gossip, the gossip or the gossip affects the efficiency of a team? What consequences come with this type of behaviour for those affected? Even if certain a particular situation that discredits the reputation of another person, what is what should be done? Care must be taken? What you could do as a team and individually to eradicate this kind of behaviour in its entirety? What should we do with the partner who keep practicing this type of conduct?Once the Group has expressed its opinions to the questions above, mention that as of this moment will start a campaign to generate good environment and combat the murmurs within the team. Ask him to do a rain of ideas on which practical activities and rapid deployment should be included in the campaign. Suggests Leticia neighborhoods, that among all distribute the work to continue reinforcing the message of intense way when less the next 3 weeks to perform this activity. We must not forget indicates us, that when there are very ingrained habits among staff, is very easy that this fall in the original behaviour almost without realizing it.

So it is very important that at the slightest signs of that this is happening, take cards in the matter. And to observe improvements in your team congratulating them and celebrate it immediately. In this way the result to be achieved with them will continue to strengthen, ancestry will be won and figure as leader of the group will continue to strengthen. In addition it will be easier to achieve results with a cordial and respectful work climate. Original author and source of the article.