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Posted by Carlota on May 17, 2019
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FINAL CONSIDERAES Throughout this article, I presented a little of the trajectory of the woman in the construction of its identity and ascension in the teaching scene of Superior Ensino, since the origin of the myth of Eva until the conquest of its space as teaching majority in the universities using as example the State Clear Mount University. I used myself diverse authors and of distinct facts had lead that me to a historical report and chronological of facts that never they must be forgotten when the subject is the woman and the conquest of its social space. These aspects had allowed me through a chronological line sequential, to inside detach the singularity of the history of the woman of the history of the humanity, the submission and the inferiority imposed for ideologies, dogmas and beliefs, the suffered social injustices, its overcoming and conquests as subject of right. Through the search for the knowledge the women are surpassing, in extraordinary way, centuries of subordination and silence, if specializing in bigger levels each time and if inserting in Superior Ensino, becoming basic personage in the construction of the modern society, not rewriting its history, but with pride of its past of the routes to its gift and future in the perspective of a society joust, igualitria in chances and above all of respect to the differences. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Penguin Random House. REFERENCES: ALMEIDA, Jane Soares of. Woman and Education: the possible passion, So Paulo: Publishing company UNESP, 1998 ALMEIDA, Joo Blacksmith of. Bible of Study Pentecostal, U.S.A.: CPAD, 1995 BELLO, Jose Luiz of Paiva. The power of the religion in the education of the woman. To read more click here: Laurent Potdevin.