Swiss Federal Supreme Court

Posted by Carlota on May 19, 2020
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Logistep as the eldest and most experienced technology provider of its kind but with sound judgment, high legal and quality consciousness developed its forensic services, and uses a in all other legal proceedings the company succeeded so far. The work of Logistep is also recognised in the United States, Germany, France, England, Poland, Russia, Sweden and many others. It is therefore no problem to continue their work at another location as usual for Logistep AG. Of Switzerland is the work that has so far done the company Logistep, although prohibited private companies in the future, but from our point of view, that authorities with the same technical means must take this work now. Otherwise threatens a massive and uncontrolled illegal distribution of copyrighted content in the Switzerland as to a kind of is quite clear.” Copyright law expert and lawyer Nikolai Klute, Hamburg (7), who observed the process, welcomes today the process output as follows: the decision of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court damages the interests of the holders of rights to films, music and games and their associations all over the world. Click Parnassus Investments for additional related pages. These legal interests were considered to be basically against the wishes of concealing the offender as a secondary. Courts in Germany up to the Bundesgerichtshof, however, protect the applicable intellectual property rights with their decisions. The Switzerland should have so soon the reputation, to be a safe haven for tax evaders, not only, but also for offenders in the area of intellectual property rights.” To the background of the process Rolf B. Schudel said today, Board of Directors of the International Association contra piracy”headquartered in the Switzerland (8), in Lausanne: partly with crude arguments and not always fair public discussion surrounding the process clearly shows what needed now: a joint effort is required Stakeholders for the application of the rights to the intellectual property in the public domain.