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Largest Bear Conservation Centre Of Europe

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World animal protection Association advocates a Berlin more bear liberation in the spring of 2014, 05 December 2013 bear protection in Romania exists only on paper. In fact, brown bears are hunted there still and orphaned young animals locked up. The World animal protection society to allow a decent life to these bears fighting together with the partner organization ASOCIATIA MILIOANE DE PRIETENI (AMP). One of these bears is gremlin. He was captured as a small bear cub on a hunting and into a small cage for onlookers. Years later left the owner halbverhungert him. Maybe that was his blessing in disguise, because then he was in a zoo. There he was fed while, but his conditions were extremely bad.

Due to the constant monotonous and running off in the too-small enclosure, gremlin showed strong behavioral disorders. Since October of this year, but this is past. The now 21-year old bear has a new home in the Bear Conservation Centre, our partner organization AMP in Zarnesti found. There, he can finally lead life that was denied for so many years. The World-animal welfare society is committed that bears from zoos or private attitude have the chance for a decent life in their natural environment. Currently 75 bears are housed in the Libearty bear sanctuary”from the AMP, the biggest bear Conservation Centre in Europe. To sustainably achieve a rethinking of the Romanian population, serves the Centre of enlightenment and education of adults and children. In 1993, Romania has ratified the Berne Convention for the protection of wild plants and animals and their habitats.

Also, the brown bear is protected under this Convention as a strict and may be disturbed nor captured, killed or traded. Nevertheless, each year about 300 bears are hunted. According to our research live currently still 16 bears in private hands or zoos under miserable conditions. A further rescue is planned: A 16 year old bear should be free in the spring of next year with our help and transferred into the bear Conservation Centre in Zarnesti. About World animal welfare society Welfare starts in humans under the motto”engaged the world welfare society worldwide for a better relationship between man and animal. Their vision is a world in which animals by the people in their environment are perceived and treated respectfully and humanely.