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1. Contact your insurance consultant quotation from 10-15 insurance companies, compare rates and make your choice. Do not buy insurance because it offers a salon, or because you saw the ad this insurance company. 2. Get quotes, ask your insurance representative, due to which you can reduce the cost of insurance: a way of settlement of losses, the presence of a franchise, use of diminishing the sum insured, a certificate of accident-free driving, discounts for their transition to another company, special specials.

programs, etc. 3. Selecting an insurance company, remember that you do not immediately pay the full cost of insurance. Most insurance companies give opportunity to pay more insurance payments (in some cases even without appreciation!). 4. Remember that the hull policy – this is your protection against the risks of "Theft" and "Damages." This policy does not cover the risks of temporary or total loss health of the occupants, as well as third party liability. To protect against these risks must be insured under the program third party liability insurance (compulsory and voluntary) as well as from an accident.

5. casco policies, usually sold together with the policy osago (Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance). However, not all know / remember that your cmtpl third party liability in the amount insured, which may be insufficient to cover the real costs of third parties through your fault: osago provides insurance protection in an amount not over 120,000 rubles in damage to property (vehicle) of one victim and 160.000 rubles for personal injury or death a victim. Therefore, in addition to the compulsory motor tpl insurance, we also strongly recommend purchasing policies dsago (Voluntary Motor vehicle liability insurance). There are such policies are cheap (in the range 1,500 rubles for a policy with an insurance of 1 million rubles), while significantly minimizing the risks of accidents with expensive cars. 6. Inscribes in Either way, carefully review the "Rules of insurance, which insurance representative must give you, along with policy (or before). It is usually quite lengthy and not very easy to read document. However, review it is necessary to understand in detail how "arranged" Your insurance, as well as under what conditions and in what time frame is the settlement of damages. 8. Remember that additional equipment (not included in the of the box) are insured separately. Model Hull policy, which is not made optional, will not allow you to receive insurance compensation for your extra set of tuning elements, audio and video equipment and other accessories. 9. In the insurance contract for less than 1 year should be remembered that this is not very profitable, because In this case, insurance companies do not simply divide the value of the annual policy on the appropriate number of months, but to apply the multiplying factor. 10. When concluding a contract of insurance on used car should make copies of relevant documents for the car (right all persons admitted to the management, powers of attorney, vehicle registration document, registration certificate) and be prepared to clean car insurance representative during daylight hours for inspection and photography. The above information – only a small part of what you need to know and understand when insuring your car.

Volkswagen Cars

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But, so far to ensure that they were, we can not – a lot of orders, machine availability fly like hot cakes. Is there a warranty on refurbished machines? At an additional set equipment within 2 years provide assurance body enterprise. On the car itself also remains factory warranty. How long does an order for the conversion of the car? From 3 weeks to 2.5 months, depending on the chosen complete car. As far as increasing the cost of cars as a result of conversion? Everything depends on the "package", but usually by 20-30%. Body companies generally try to make a "package" proposal for conversion of cars, moving away from individual orders, costs less and because the "packets" have received all necessary certificates.

There were some exclusive orders? Absolutely. For example, the so-called "garage Special Purpose – Machines VIP-level. The interior uses expensive materials and leather. Additionally installed plasma screens, dvd, bars, refrigerators and coffeemakers. In this regard we are working with cars Volkswagen lt, Multivan.

For example, in the showroom, "ENG-LAN" on Leninsky Prospekt now stands Volkswagen Multivan with completely refurbished interior – the seven-seater car turned into four, but that he became even more solid and presentable. Between driver and passenger is a glass wall, controlled by a lever on the armrest. The design used trim leather, Alcantara and a special carpet. In order not to be bored in the far road provides automotive cinema 5.1 sound, the control system with a DVD-changer. Plasma panel installed in a separate body, which allows her enough in harmony with the general view interior. Put leather seats, equipped with the heating, ventilation and massage. Full set of electric seat adjustment allows passengers to take the most comfortable position, regardless of height and build. Market competition tough? With competitors have long been friendly partnership. More than once we rescued each other. Why customers choose cars Volkswagen, after all cars have a range of commercial and Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes? In general, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter – this is technically the same car, even going on the same line. Preferences are explained primarily by personal preferences of a particular brand. What are your future plans? Going expand the niche for the conversion of commercial vehicles? Zadumok projects and, in fact, a lot. Now we have is an application for conversion machines for the transport of horses. There is a demand for , refrigerators. There were even orders for the car to transport medical plasma. Market for commercial vehicles – enormous, so we have something to strive for!

Linear Images

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The corresponding images are called landmarks. Best orienting images obtained with high camera angles. At the same time they are most close to plan showing the location of objects. It is recommended to use wide angle lenses or to make a panoramic shot. Should not limit the number of survey personnel. If possible orienting images […]