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b) Depending on the deposition conditions can be hard or soft chrome. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk. Soft chrome is easily scratched, hard chrome – hard to polish. Vlad Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. c) For polishing chrome can not reach a decorative qualities as for the "right" decorative plating. Polishing paste penetrate the coating cracks, giving last dull hue. In electroplating, there are two types of chromium: a solid (wearing) and protective and decorative. Moreover, the coating is not typed on the physical properties, and on functional purpose. Directly to steel, hard chrome is applied thickness of 10? 300 microns.

Appointment of hard chrome – increasing the hardness and wear resistance of the product as well – holding lubricants. Physically hard chrome can be less rigid and durable than the decorative coating. Today, many manufacturers offer hard chromium coating as a decorative, even though such coverage is usually loses as a protective (for a small thickness sediment) and decorative properties. Protective and decorative chrome plating involves an intermediate layer between the chromium layer and the substrate. Coverage is a multi-layered "cake", the percentage of chromium in which – up to 1%. However, the protective and decorative coating properties are determined mainly by quality and exactly the type of sub-layers.

Properly applied chrome thickness of 0,3? 1 micron. At this thickness of the layer transparent. When you look at Chrome product, then you're really seeing a sublayer of nickel. Chrome only protects the nickel from tarnishing (no corrosion) and gives it a bluish tint. In terms of the standard "pie" is as follows: steel (substrate), nickel (delay), copper aligned, semi-bright nickel, nickel, shiny chrome.

Volkswagen Cars

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But, so far to ensure that they were, we can not – a lot of orders, machine availability fly like hot cakes. Is there a warranty on refurbished machines? At an additional set equipment within 2 years provide assurance body enterprise. On the car itself also remains factory warranty. How long does an order for the conversion of the car? From 3 weeks to 2.5 months, depending on the chosen complete car. As far as increasing the cost of cars as a result of conversion? Everything depends on the "package", but usually by 20-30%. Body companies generally try to make a "package" proposal for conversion of cars, moving away from individual orders, costs less and because the "packets" have received all necessary certificates.

There were some exclusive orders? Absolutely. For example, the so-called "garage Special Purpose – Machines VIP-level. The interior uses expensive materials and leather. Additionally installed plasma screens, dvd, bars, refrigerators and coffeemakers. In this regard we are working with cars Volkswagen lt, Multivan.

For example, in the showroom, "ENG-LAN" on Leninsky Prospekt now stands Volkswagen Multivan with completely refurbished interior – the seven-seater car turned into four, but that he became even more solid and presentable. Between driver and passenger is a glass wall, controlled by a lever on the armrest. The design used trim leather, Alcantara and a special carpet. In order not to be bored in the far road provides automotive cinema 5.1 sound, the control system with a DVD-changer. Plasma panel installed in a separate body, which allows her enough in harmony with the general view interior. Put leather seats, equipped with the heating, ventilation and massage. Full set of electric seat adjustment allows passengers to take the most comfortable position, regardless of height and build. Market competition tough? With competitors have long been friendly partnership. More than once we rescued each other. Why customers choose cars Volkswagen, after all cars have a range of commercial and Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes? In general, Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter – this is technically the same car, even going on the same line. Preferences are explained primarily by personal preferences of a particular brand. What are your future plans? Going expand the niche for the conversion of commercial vehicles? Zadumok projects and, in fact, a lot. Now we have is an application for conversion machines for the transport of horses. There is a demand for , refrigerators. There were even orders for the car to transport medical plasma. Market for commercial vehicles – enormous, so we have something to strive for!

Linear Images

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The corresponding images are called landmarks. Best orienting images obtained with high camera angles. At the same time they are most close to plan showing the location of objects. It is recommended to use wide angle lenses or to make a panoramic shot. Should not limit the number of survey personnel. If possible orienting images […]