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Companies rely on the expertise of the specialized agencies put marketers in the works? currency by alternative forms of advertising mainly? on specialized agencies. Especially with viral concepts and Word-of-mouth campaigns, the requests have? tagged almost tripled: 44.2 percent of respondents trust the development of viral concepts of specialized agencies, in 2007, there were 17.5 percent. When Word-of-mouth campaigns, the value climbed in the past two years from 6 per cent to 17.6 per cent. Of all respondents, 19.3 percent moved special agencies to rate, Guerrilla actions durchzufu? hren only 3.4 percent, however, contact with the commissioning of alternative campaigns at full service agencies. Word-of-mouth marketing and viral strategies is asked”the expertise of specialists, explains? rt Eicher.

It is clear the decision makers of the marketing industry. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ebay. “Therefore, a clear trend is away from the House business? ft, to recognize the special agency.” Full service agencies are tasked mainly with print advertising (39.1 percent), (22.3 per cent) on TV and radio advertising (17.2 percent). Alternative advertising versus Altbewa? hrtes many companies already recognize the benefits of alternative forms of advertising and integrate them into your marketing to 68.7 percent. in 2007, there were 61 per cent. Thus the use is increased, however, the number of non-users is still relatively high with nearly one-third.

Our study showed, that is most on lack of experience with alternative advertising concepts. Also am? coils around each Fu? revenue the inadequate measurability of achievement and fu? rchtet an image problem by the difficult control of the communication. “That’s why companies are mainly? on Altbewa? hrtes”, says David Eicher. And further: but new forms of advertising are almost indispensable in certain competitive environments. “Our task is marketing the STA? to identify strengths and opportunities of alternative advertising and the benefits to u? convince.” Unlike the basis? r is given, because companies are open across alternative advertising? ber: on the question of what forms of advertising want to put them in future, 22.8 percent called word-of-mouth-strategies, 20.2 percent social-media activities and 14.2 per cent video clips.