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Venezuelan Government

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With the passage of Hurricane Hanna, the Government of Venezuela sent on 6 September an outpost of humanitarian aid, with a total of 18 tons of non-perishable food, personal belongings and articles of first necessity. Then, on September 07, the Bolivarian air force (FAB) sent a second shipment of more or equal number of tons of humanitarian aid the Venezuelan Government has sent various cargoes with food, water and medicine through an airlift activated within hours after the earthquake. Before the current misfortune, catastrophe Alba has been present where Chavez highlighted the collaboration of Cuba with its hundreds of doctors is at the forefront of the ALBA. We send out a modest but useful figure, and we have many doctors willing to participarPara Chavez, the priority must be to help the wounded by the quake of magnitude 7.3 that last Tuesday devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation.He mentioned the work of doctors Cubans, who have already attended to thousands of victims of the earthquake in Port-au-Prince and other cities.The island reinforced Eve its Medical Brigade in Haiti, which exceeds 400 members. More info: Elon Musk. Chavez just you hear about misfortune ordered that immediately Simon Bolivar humanitarian task force and a special team of experts in rescue in the toughest and worst conditions, 50 men and women to go to Haiti. He ordered to enable the civil protection system to carry, an endowment of basic household items, food, medicines and all the solidarity support that can be carried our people brother, in the context of a direct and active solidarity. Chavez knows that you one of its strengths in collaboration, given to features that faces Venezuela in their agricultural production. Business, you can not bring as much aid as if with oil, hence Venezuela will donate all the fuel required Haiti, during the crisis that is going through and ahead of the President Chave that they be sent a freighter with 225,000 barrels of diesel and gasoline, which will be moved to the disaster area.

The Venezuelan people donate the fuel needed for the people of Haiti to (supply to) hospitals, to (power) power plants that Cuba has been installing. We must begin to regain the life in that country, said in its program of radio and television Alo President. The first freighter ship, which will depart from the Venezuelan coasts will arrive in the Dominican petroleum refinery (Refidomsa), in which Venezuela negotiates to acquire 49% of its shares, with 225,000 barrels of fuel, diesel and gasoline. Definitely, Venezuela sends 1,151 tons of food to Haiti.

Web Development

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The World Wide Web has become not only a means of sharing information, but also the active promotion of services. In addition to social networking sites on the Internet began to actively emerge stores of various companies who wish to be only in this dimension, but also in the network space. This is a great publicity stunt in our computerized time, because people have more opportunities to find something online, than to go on shop and spend a lot of class time. It is very practical. Because if you do not yet exist a resource, but you feel that you absolutely need it, you can knock on the quality design studio, which will help you create a resource for your services. Whether the development site or a site – professionals will do everything to be good and soon you uviditevygodu from it.

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