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Cecilia Susana

Posted by Carlota on December 21, 2013 with Comments Closed
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Wednesday 01 of September of this year. I commented Yesterday on a denunciation that journalist Cecilia Valenzuela did, in a very heated interview to Susana Villarn. It accuses it to take in its list to several people who had marched shouting cheers and harangues in favor of the terrorist group the CRAF. In the report he appears rosto of Olga Moran. Today Susana Villarn and Olga Moran, gave to a press conference denying this. They said that nobody in the list of Susana Villarn, to never participated in one marches in favor of the CRAF. history begins with this interview. Cecilia wanted to demonstrate that Susana was allied with ex- emerretistas.

I am in agreement with Susana. They are trying it to caricature like an ex- emerretista of left, and that is not truth. It represents the democratic left. Susana said to him to Cecilia, that some of their allies come from red mother country and much of that people was in a distant past, believing of the armed warfare. But with the years they have included/understood that those violentistas positions are not recommendable, and are not democratic Mr. Chipoco, also belonged to the violentista left, and it is allied of Lourdes flowers. To Peru he does to him well that the left renews. That the left stops making vindication as the one of Chvez or the one of I castrate; that it is what makes Humala.

Soon Cecilia accuses Susana, that the red group mother country signed in Caracas a document and the sample – defending the CRAF. In this document it is requested that it is not called terrorists to them to the members of the CRAF. Susana asks to him to Cecilia that shows to the companies of the members of red mother country to him and Cecilia cannot prove it.