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European Christmas Feasts

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The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed Christmas comes once again with big steps closer. Across Europe, many millions of people already forward to the traditional Christmas feast. Butcher & deli Mason takes a look at European traditions of the feast on this occasion. Attention North, the Danish Christmas feast attracts attention. Typically roast pork, goose or duck with red cabbage and Brown potatoes are treasured here. For dessert, a traditional, equipped with cherry rice porridge is served in an almond is hidden, whose Fund, which a small gift will be rewarded.

In Norway, there is the Christmas porridge with hidden almond. An interesting departure is the importance of the Fund piece.” In Norwegian tradition, it is a good omen for the marriage in the following year. The Norwegian Christmas feast is called Jul Board. The large buffet includes traditional up to 60 different dishes. The Swedish Christmas feast is similar to the Norwegian Board of Jul and is served on Christmas Eve. Various fish dishes, it includes a special Swedish sausage, salads, potatoes, a Christmas ham and the Julkorv. Also the Swedish Christmas buffet is very extensive with speeds up to 38. In contrast, the residents of Lithuania without on Christmas Eve entirely meat-based dishes.

Their traditional Christmas meal is a combination of 12 different dishes, which include multiple variations of fish, soups and pastries. The Lithuanian Christmas tradition is religious, and with each of the twelve dishes reminiscent of a Christian apostle. It belongs to the tradition that each revelers of all twelve food costs. Our Polish neighbors maintain also religiously-oriented Christmas traditions. The Festival begins with the first star shine on Christmas Eve. Before the Christmas meal is enjoyed, gather the revelers around the table and each other reach the Christmas wafers, from which everyone cancels a part as a symbol of love and reconciliation. By the same author: Glenn Dubin. The actual Fixed dish is carp, various soups and pastries.

The Best Cachaca From Brazil

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We would like to introduce to you the 10 of best cachaca Brazil – for better cocktails and pure pleasure we want to introduce the 10 of best cachaca Brazil here. We focus here on cachaca available in Germany and restrict and point out that this is a very personal assessment. Cachaca is the Brazilian national spirit and the basis for the popular cocktail caipirinha. But also for the pure enjoyment, there are excellent distillates. Cachaca is a spirit drink: still unknown in Germany. On the market there are mostly the common industrial spirits. But there are thousands distilleries in Brazil, which produce the so called Cachaca Artesanal in hand work. Place 1: Cachaca Magnifica Reserva Soleira – 700ml – 43% of the cachaca Magnifica Reserva Soleira is the best cachaca Brazil for me.

The elaborate maturation Soleira method is the secret of this cachaca. This married man younger older batches and scored a fantastic variety of aromas. We recommend this cachaca pure enjoy. A Another highlight of this cachaca is the storage in burned-out old Jack Daniel’s barrels. Seat 2: cachaca Espirito de Minas of Edicao Aldemir Martins – 700ml – 43% vol. Our number 2 is made with best sugar cane in the traditional procedure. This is perhaps the most popular of cachaca Brazil.

The cachaca from the best wine-growing area of Brazil aged 6 years in fine oak barrels. Seat 3: Cachaca Terra Armazem Vieira – 700ml – 40% vol. The Terra Armazem Vieira is a Spitzencachaca. He is 12 long years in Brazilian Garcia and Arirba wooden barrels. At this time, this cachaca developed an incredible variety of flavors. Seat 4: cachaca Esmeralda Armazem Vieira – 700ml – 40% vol. Seat 5: Leblon cachaca – 700ml – 40% vol. The cachaca-Leblon is a very interesting project in the Brazilian Cachaca art. Fresh sugar cane, a triple filtration and maturation in XO cognac glasses are the secrets of the French master of burning Mestre Gil. In several bars in this country the Leblon cachaca is referred to as “high-end”. Seat 6: Coronel X Chaves – 700ml- 40% Vol. This cachaca comes from the oldest distillery Brazil. It is interesting that this cachaca today as 250 years ago is made. With an exemption. prodziert of the owner of Chaves of the distillery “engenho Boa Vista its Cachaca.” The Coronel X Chaves is considered to be pure cachaca Brazil. A collector’s item. Seat 7: Cachaca Magnifica Envelhecida – 700ml – 43% vol. The Envelhecida is one of our personal favorites. Vollmunig and soft taste he is perfect for luxury cocktails. Its sugar cane flavor convinced cachaca friends worldwide. Seat 8: cachaca Espirito de Minas – 700ml – 40% vol. A cachaca from the best wine-growing area of Brazil. Traditional making and its pleasant aroma of sugar cane are unbeatable. Seat 9: Cachaca Magnifica tradicional – 1000ml – 45% vol. The tradicional from the famous House of Magnifica is a very harmonious cachaca. Fresh and fruity taste banana, vanilla, and lemon grass. This rum is perfect for caipirinha and Batida. He stores two years in IPE wood barrels. 10Th place: Cachaca Delicana – IPE ROXO – 700ml – 40% vol. The cachaca IPE Roxo by Delicana is a class of its own in the caipirinha. Its golden color and a very special aroma are worth a recommendation. As you can see the classic industrial spirits, who knows everyone from bars and nightclubs are missing in this list. Tip: usually you will find this cachaca in the online-shops and Valquiria Edwards