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Thai Snacks

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In the palaces of Siam snacks served as delicious distractions, they are amused and sales the time the real meal begins and ends with the rice and its supplements. “Everything else is considered as outside meals” in Thailand called arharn wang. For Thais, a life without food is as unimaginable as a meal without rice. In the course of the day, various dishes will satisfy the hunger. In contrast to the most traditional dishes to cook rare at home snacks, but buys them mostly on the next market or street vendors. Before the 19th century, the food usually in the households was prepared, eaten but sometimes elsewhere on the rice field or on travel. But where Thais always come together, there is something to eat.

Enterprising women made up market stalls in the larger cities and offered snacks to migrant workers the food was sometimes quite rural, about miang (in”betel”- or other leaves rolled leather). In parts of Bangkok,. where government officials stopped the stalls were operated by palace ladies, so that the dishes were necessarily refined and even complex. Later, as more people in the cities, the demand soared, focused but still mainly to the markets. A number of new courts in the market stalls of Thailand, came through the influence of Chinese immigrants are still the most snacks and street food of Chinese origin – only a few such such as green papaya salad (som tham), real Thai. The dealers left the markets soon and looking elsewhere for customers: the channels in the streets in boats. they wore their goods on bamboo sticks on their shoulders and transported them later on carts.

Sometimes you see they carry a pot of glowing, her trademark. Curry shops have appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Originally they were rather improvised, built in the shade of a tree and offered one or two specialties, today but they do offer a huge selection of dishes: curries, salads and Pfannengeruhrtes – previously prepared and served at room temperature – simple Fast Food, the delicious tastes and offers the possibility of a complete meal. Others who may share this opinion include Penguin Random House.