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Financial Education

Posted by Carlota on December 16, 2013 with Comments Closed
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The financial education is an aspect of the formation of our children in who as much the parents as the educational institutions have been sadly negligent. In the case of the curricula of the traditional education, the financial education shines by its absence. At the most it is mentioned in tangential form in some matters of the mathematical one. In the homes the panorama is not seen far better. The majority of the parents does not know how to educate to their children in the area of the finances, since they themselves lack a formation adapted in this one area.

The results are at sight: According to the Sixth National Survey of Youth – Injuv 2009, more than half of the Chilean young people between 15 and 29 years it has debts. In addition, almost 60% of the young people with debts are slow in the payments; and of them, more of 30% it owes in commercial houses. (Mercury, Santiago of Chile, 2 of September of 2010). A young person highly indebted is beginning her life like adult with the left foot. That debt constitutes an unnecessary ballast in a stage of the life in which one is beginning of " cero". It is very possible that this young adult passes all their life paying interests through debts of consumption, instead of to wisely invest his money in which it generates interests to him to him. Before such little encouraging panorama, what we can make them parents to prepare to our children better for the future? Although the financial education is an incognito for many, it is not really so difficult. It is only an area more in which we must educate our children if we want that they are successful in the life. For that we must give two things to them: – Basic Knowledge on finances – Abilities to wisely handle to the money the problem with the subject of the money, as any other abstract matter, is its lack of attractive for our sprouts.