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Sun Protection

Posted by Carlota on November 16, 2015 with Comments Closed
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Since very young, my grandmother told me that I protect from the Sun. He cut articles from newspapers or magazines that talk about the damaging power of the Sun and gave them to me. I did not pay him greater importance. My skin has always been very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, I remember when I was little and we spent the weekend at the Beach House, my mother me smeared from head to toe blocker. I could not understand because not made to other children the same, for me it was absolute torture.

Despite using sunscreen, almost always ended up cokes in the hands of my dear friend the Sun and then changed skin like snakes. This was inevitable. As a teenager, I missed taking Sun to the rhythm of my friends more eels and as it was to be expected, the result was the same, a Redskin as a tomato, dehydration and more freckles. I love the Sun but unfortunately, with all the problems with the ozone layer, its rays are most damaging back than at the time of our parents or our grandparents. A year ago, I got a stain on the face, it appeared from nowhere, from one day to another. I am white skin and I have freckles in the back but not in the face. Surprised me much because despite having done disorders, always me I care of the Sun, especially the face precisely for being white skin.

I never go without sunscreen, is so cloudy. Stains are terrible for auto estimates and once they leave, they are hardly going. I tried everything, depigmenting cream, laser, Microdermabrasion only thing that I did was threaten the skin, irritating it and stain followed there. My dermatologist prescribed me a Corticoid cream that recovered the damaged skin and I decided to accept the stain and live with her. I religiously apply my sunscreen (Factor 50 +) and if I’m going to be out all day, I’m going to apply towards two o’clock in the afternoon. The Sun on the skin damage is irreparable and for life. UV accelerated ageing, dehydrated skin and cause stains. When you expose to the Sun, always apply a sunscreen, it used a hat or umbrella when you can and you never expose to UV rays in the hours of greater intensity (11 am to 3 pm). There are many types of sunscreens, different brands, different prices, including ones of skin color that you can use as a base. Choose to go better with your skin and protect yourself. A few ounces of protection for your face, will keep your skin young and healthy for longer. In the future you’ll me because I often regret having not made case to the Council of my grandmother. Original author and source of the article.