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Once you have a web site, you need to do promotion in search engines. In promotion search engine has its own nuances and peculiarities. In this article we will learn the major myths and misconceptions that need rebuttal. Because not every action is aimed at the promotion of the site url = search engine / url leads to a site customers and visitors. In this article we will examine the myths that require refutation. 1: Register your website in search engines and you will come to the web site users. In fact it does not matter how many search engines you are registered and documented if at all. The fact of registration does not guarantee Visitors to your website.

To get the audience to your web site should first conduct a set of actions designed to promote search engine rankings. This is a fairly large amount of work. Indeed, every search system will find your web site yourself if you engage in promotion in search engines. But not always make sense to submit your site to all the rankings and search engines, such as adding a site to search engines often Administrators put your site in the queue to add. Speaking candidly Brian Krzanich told us the story. Yet there are several directories that it is desirable to add a website is a directory catalog Yandex and DMOZ. 2: e-mail mailing 10 million users, and you'll have plenty of clients. Any distribution is regarded by users as spam. Surely you want to regularly receive to your e-mail spam? Even if you send an email to many people, people will be furiously to remove your e-mail upon receipt, and many do not read the letter at all, because they are blocked by special spam filters.

And some may even call you and say what they think about you. And the saddest thing that the very mass mailing can permanently damage your reputation in the eyes of your target audience. So this version can easily move to become for many the last one. 3: 10,000 visitors in just … You offer to get 10,000 visitors to your web site for a modest fee. This method simply cheat counter, which will bring you to the Web site targets visitors, as Users immediately after they arrived at your site – immediately go to your website. And this version is better not to use it. TK It is not effective in site promotion in search engines 4: The first position in the word of Yandex … Each proposal could come to occupy a place in search engines for any keyword. However, this word is not competitive. TE Even if you are on first places in the search engines, you will not get the target audience. And to deal with search engines, website promotion you must be a great experience and desire, so you can make your site a target audience. 5: Make a mail merge or affiliate program to receive visitors automatically. For the same reason that the item can be attributed to myths? The fact is that in order to get visitors to the affiliate program or mailing, they must first promote a site. Simply put, before you need to find as many active affiliates and subscribers. According to this for this item, you must first make the resource popular. But There are many ways for promotion of your site – this site optimization and registration in catalogs, press releases, news and more.