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Put in the refrigerator or in a cold place to a good mousse stiffened. Before serving, the bottom of the form dipped in boiling water and overturn it on a plate. Ready to decorate hard-boiled mousse chopped eggs and parsley. Boiled pork. Select a piece of pork without bones. Tie up threads, so that the meat has become a beautiful elongated shape.

Rub the black pepper and cook cabbage in brine with 10 grains of black pepper and 2 bay leaves. With the ready and chilled to remove strings and cut it into thin slices. Serve with pickled or marinated vegetables. Duck stuffed with olives and meat. Pass through 250 g of veal meat grinder, 250 g of pre-cleaned and soaked olives, 200 g of fresh pork fat, duck liver and season with black pepper. Stir thoroughly. Fill this duck stuffing, sew up, spread with lemon juice and salt. Place the duck on the surface of thin slices of fresh lard and tie with thread.

In pan pour 1 / 2 cup white wine 1 / 2 cup water, add 80 of butter, put the duck and bake. Pour it from time to time sauce until the bacon until lightly browned. Then remove the thread and the fat and cook the duck until golden brown. The same method can be baked duck stuffed with chestnuts. Prepare a stuffing as follows: mince 250g veal and 200 g of fresh pork fat, add 1 kg. cooked and peeled chestnuts, and season with black pepper and salt to taste.