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Posted by Carlota on June 10, 2018 with Comments Closed
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You will meet a good friend or girlfriend and you your conversation balls watch yourself, as you inspired and fun back and shipyard here, and then have your report. It flows. Nothing in a conversation at all, you have little or no repeat. You can learn which factors for good rapport are conducive. The participants in my workshops, I wonder what is a good call for them and what they’re basing that. Then I let you decide how to implement these findings for social media. This may mean for example to represent his values, the one worked out by the previous considerations. You may want to visit Penguin Random House to increase your knowledge.

My Tip: your own values as man and solo self-employed or entrepreneurs don’t realize. What is important to you? What is important to you, should be ideally also your customers important. Tolerance is a value for them this importance with security is incorporated in your communication. What happens to your fan page or your webblog? You attract people who can also find important these values. This works in the practice of course something indirectly. A tolerant attitude can be expressed in various ways, without that I have to say explicitly that I’m a tolerant person. Statistics vs. experience and trust don’t think like in the flag in the wind, if you want to measure the success of your content on social networks.

The Facebookstatistik or Google Analytics, enticing us to every day to see how much the range was and how many people have read our post. The more people a company social media communication, mostly about the conclusions are more diverse users so for interests have. The most members of any online community are passive anyway. There is the so-called Nielsen rule has proved its worth as a benchmark for the activity of Web users: 90-10-1 90% of the members of a Community (and even Facebook and the blogosphere) behave passively.