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Leo Tolstoy

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Bestow a ray of sunshine for each this day! Do not be afraid to show warmth, openness and hospitality. You can prepare as great gifts, souvenirs and small, symbolizing the sun. For example, the original present "The Sun in the bank." "The Miracle of the bank" collects the rays of the sun trap. Catch with his close the window the sun or artificial light sources. In the event of darkness, "sun" will not only light but also heat, radiating warmth. And your kindness will be spontaneous in the months and years.

Give a warm day! You can pick up and other gifts with the symbol of the sun. Candlestick, candle lights which will make each night unforgettable. Or even a copper coin of the Peruvian gold-colored, bought in numismatic shop. It shows a llama and an inscription: UN SOL. Which translated means "one sun". It turns a great gift! On the one hand – playful: money, which will hardly manage to buy something (a souvenir). On the other hand – the sun in gift! And the fact that being good is a positive and useful, and reminds us of another classic soul.

"Compassion for the soul – is the same as for the health of the body: it is not noticeable when it possess, and it gives success in all that," Leo Tolstoy. Therefore, no afraid to show their kindness and to be successful! Perhaps it will be just a good deed or a kind word. Remember the favorite expression of Leopold: "Guys, let's be friends!" And your spontaneous kindness will help you make new friends, make peace with their neighbors and build relationships with colleagues. Well, if you feel that you, your family is difficult to open for the manifestation of spontaneous kindness, then maybe you should attend courses … spontaneous dance? And thus prepare for the holiday? During a spontaneous dance you loosen up physically and emotionally. With the help of a spontaneous dance learn how to express any sense of the phenomenon and to show any object animal, etc. Be able to strengthen their human qualities, vytantsovyvaya courage, willpower, sensitivity, etc. And to our holiday – we vytantsovyvat spontaneous kindness! 🙂 Let's not let kindness be a rare quality! It is not nothing Confucius said: "Try to be at least a little nicer – and you'll see that yourself unable to make a bad action." People There is an expression that "the only rightness – is kindness." And although many day spontaneous acts of kindness seem strange and confusing holiday, but it is an opportunity to look around and see people who need your kindness, and to take a step towards them. Maybe take candy or toys for children to the nearest orphanage and may hold a meeting over a cup of tea for pensioners your yard. Remember, this is a spontaneous manifestation of Kindness Day, and no restrictions in its manifestation no! Smile, be friendly, give gifts and for each state it is – a state of goodness becomes habitual, and perhaps will be a moment when the international community announced last year the "Year of Compassion." Let us strive to do so! After Kindness is a quality over which harms no one.

Unusual And Tasty Surprise

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Cake to order – is not only a gift for friends, it's always unusual interesting and tasty surprise. Our range is always rich and varied selection of cakes to order. This wedding cakes, wedding loaves, children's cakes, anniversary cakes and pies, surprises for the ladies and gentlemen, as well as our special offer – so-called pre-wedding cakes for bachelor or bachelorette party. We are also pleased to offer baked goods, delivery for implementation in the stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and also perform the original orders. Through our custom cakes, you will be able to choose any cake you like from our gallery.

At the request of our managers develop just for you a completely new design to suit your tastes and preferences. Professional bakers will realize your sweet idea, creating the cake of your dreams, not just beautiful and tasty, but made with the latest technologies that meet the latest European standards. The abundance of fruits and berries, whipped cream, souffles and oily creams, meringues give our registered cakes and pastries delicious taste and bright colors. All this makes our custom cakes are real works of confectionary skills, which can rightly take pride of place on your holiday table. It is known that the summit was delicious cakes – it made my hands! If you buy a cake in a shop or make a custom cake bakery in anyway it would be wrong. In order for you to prepare everything yourself on this web site we have collected a large number of recipes.

Hopefully, they will be useful to you. CHOCOLATE CAKE For the dough, take 6 eggs 160 g sugar, 160 g of purified ground almonds, 60 g cocoa 100 g butter. For the filling: fruit jam, chocolate glaze. Sugar and egg yolks, beaten to a froth, add to it the cocoa, almonds, butter and a solid foam of egg whites. Oil the baking dish pies, sprinkle with flour, fill the dough and bake it at medium heat. Cooled cake cut horizontally into two layers, beginning with jam and fruit zaglazirovat chocolate. The cake is ready for use after 2 days.

The Chief

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Any blonde confident that longitudinal stripes painted on the road – a designation for parking her Lexus. With this view agree big officials and the lads, but many machines and to all the bands are missing. There is a conflict of interest. But out of this contradictory situation, there is a way: walking the sidewalks! […]