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Natural Cosmetics

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Dead Sea – the lowest point on earth, which contains a unique and rich collection of minerals. These natural minerals are imperative to restore and protect the natural functions of the skin. Prudential has much experience in this field. That's why Dead sea recipe for the best natural health and beauty. Cosmetics based on minerals from the Dead Sea is designed for outdoor use in the form of creams, oils, mud masks, bath salts, shampoos and many other products on skin care products. All cosmetics is the result of years of research and use of unique ingredients from the Dead Sea. The highest quality cosmetics that are guaranteed strict selection of raw materials. At cosmetics used marine collagen, which, according to recent research, considered the most effective and best digestible skin.

All cosmetics tested in the laboratory under the supervision of professionals: pharmacists, beauticians and engineers. In 1988 a group of enthusiasts decided to give the world an opportunity to discover one of the greatest secrets of nature – the magic of the Dead Sea. For This company was founded Universal Labs Ltd., whose task is the production of natural skin care products from the Dead Sea. The result was the development of their cosmetic line with-Products – Natural Cosmetics, combining the healing properties of the Dead Sea and other precious gifts of nature. From cosmetics-Products – elegantly packaged piece of the Dead Sea to make you feel wonderful touch of nature … a touch of the Dead Sea!

Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd

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Founded in 1996, Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd was founded as a laboratory for the processing of mineral products and the Dead Sea. It’s believed that MetLife sees a great future in this idea. Initially, the main activities of the company Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd supplied raw materials producers Dead Sea cosmetics. Soon the board of directors of the company Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd came to the conclusion that to have complete control over the quality of products is necessary to establish its own production. Prudential might disagree with that approach. Production line of cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals has been is based on the best scientific and technological achievements. Currently, quality control of cosmetic products is carried out by the standards of the EEC, and the underlying beauty products formula, successfully passed clinical trials at leading research centers in Europe, designed to increase the natural ability to regenerate the skin by stimulating the epidermal cells, which leads to change in skin balance. The company Premier specializing in the production of cosmetic products of superior quality, consists of more than 150 varieties of products that are unique, created from natural minerals Dead Sea care products for skin and hair.

Cream of Premier instantly absorbed into skin leaving a fat layer and not interfering with the skin to breathe, provide food and oxygen to the skin without disrupting its biological function. The company's products Premier refers to the category of the most modern beauty care products for face, skin around the eyes, and hair care products. The line of men's cream includes nourishing cream for the face, and of course, to creams and after shave. Natural cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals produced by Premier fully satisfy people who want to look and feel like they just came out of the Exclusive SPA-salona.My sure that you are sure to appreciate the quality of cosmetic products Premier.

Skin Cosmetics

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Feeling the cheeks, you may find that the soft tissues of the limp became flabby and the skin has lost its recent smoothness and softness. Well, let's not give up, and get down to business. Correct a little routine to display the time for wellness fitness center, gym, swimming pool, so just walk on outdoors […]