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Mass production type is characterized by constant and continuous release of a strictly limited range of products, so the mass and large production line method corresponds to the organization production. Limited range of products for large volumes of creating economic viability of widespread use in product design standardized and interchangeable elements careful design of processes, operations which are differentiated to the individual transitions, labor actions, techniques, and performed on special equipment. In mass production significantly increases the proportion of special equipment and high-performance equipment, mechanized and automated processes. Differentiated process allows narrowly specialized working space by assigning each of them a limited number of detaleoperatsy (1-3), so here we use the work of highly specialized business operators. Mark Bertolini has similar goals. However, the use of highly skilled labor rabochihnaladchikov. Dramatically reduces the amount of any kind of manual work, are excluded lapping work. All the organizational conditions of the company are standardized, all control functions . Mass production type provides the most comprehensive use of materials and equipment, the highest productivity and lowest cost of production.

These features type of mass production create the preconditions for the organization line method of production, although it appears already in production. For mass production characterized by a high level of specialization, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes. By type of mass production include automotive, agricultural machines, etc. However, the division of enterprises by type is conditional, as in any of them can be established shops, sites with various types of production. Thus, enterprises such as mass production can be workshops with the serial and single type of production, and enterprises of the unit fabrication of uniform and details can be arranged by serial and mass basis.


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To date, new windows have ceased to be something unreal and inaccessible. They have proven to be reliable, environmentally friendly and aesthetic solution to the window opening. pvc window to protect our homes from the noise, wind and rain, help to keep warm. Let us consider a component of windows, as pumping: that he is from is and what function is. Modern drainage are qualitatively made products (which removes moisture from the plastic windows), made of galvanized steel or aluminum and can be covered with special paint. Regular shape and design helps with drainage to maintain high sound insulation properties window. In bad weather in your home to keep warm and comfortable.

Drainage are necessary in order to prevent water from penetrating under the window in the area of assembly seam. Dewatering is installed along the bottom edge of the frame with the External side of the window. Proper installation of drainage is only possible with a window, as one edge, he is put under the bottom of the frame into a groove and fixed with screws on the deliverable profile. For the production of these necessary components of windows, there are mobile listogiby with a cutting device which are adapted to work with a colored metal (do not damage the polymer coating) and allow bending and cutting sheet steel, produce additional elements (drainage, bars, ice skating, valley) on site, as well as in the shop. The presence of such equipment from the manufacturers of windows, facade elements and the roof will reduce costs for accessories, with its own ready-made job. The presence of cutter makes this versatile equipment – the ability to produce two operations on one machine: bending and cutting. Production and installation external drainage perform necessary task to protect the bottom of the window opening against ingress of water.

Methods of production of window sills is a few: – rolled into the method of profiling the camp – the method of bending on a manual plate-bending machine. The first method is suitable for mass production of window sills, the equipment is designed for large enterprises and its payback period depends on the market for these products. The second way – it's metal bending with a manual plate-bending machine, the performance of such equipment is about 75 p / m per hour. This method is fairly inexpensive and quick payback. To realize this problem is conveniently listogib use, as described above.