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Posted by Carlota on November 16, 2023 with Comments Closed
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The leadership implies to deal with the people, and to these they like to be tried like such. The leader who acts as coach inspiring and motivating has much walked way, because the equipment will practically work only. To obtain this is not easy, but there are several aspects that there are to consider. One of the questions to consider is that a good leader knows to listen. Nowadays, many managers, by fear to seem less able or less wise, impose their criterion over all the things and try to make an impression to the others with their plagued speech if possible of terms in English, that thus seems that they know more. But they do not know to listen, although as usually says, if we have two ears and one mouth, will be because we would have to listen to the double than we spoke.

Not only one is which we can learn many things of the other people, but of which also we will be able to know better people than it works with us and his interests, and this way to know what is what it motivates to them to make the things. And the improvement potential is enormous, since so and as Andres Ubierna remembers to us, 75% of the workers affirm that he is able to work with greater efficiency than it at the moment makes the communication that can be obtained in the coffee maker or similars surpass in many aspects to the formal communication. Reade Griffith has much experience in this field. Like professional that I have had to direct to different people of formation, motivations and ways to be, I am convinced that the best form of than collaborates with one is to treat to the people as people – is worth the redundancy worrying about them, sharing, having a discussion and giving example. That is to say, it is necessary to know how to practice the empathy, and understanding how a person feels and what she motivates to him, we will be able to obtain that it works of the best way. This does not mean that at certain moments and/or with some people it is not necessary to practice another ability who must own the managers, the assertiveness, according to which, starting off of the respect for the others and towards one same one, it reaches the conclusion that our opinion does not have why to agree with the one of the others, and in certain cases, we will have to impose ours, or to know how to say that no. In my experience, many conversations relaxed around the coffee maker have allowed to discover new aspects, new ways to make the things, that in many occasions, when we are in our office bottled in the numbers and the data, we are not able to perceive.

And in any case, these char they serve them to make equipment. Although one either is not to do like the workers of the wonderful Camra Caf series, that they are all the day there. Once or he has been spoken on the subject at issue, on the weekend, the children or of soccer, to work! Pablo Rodriguez is licensed in Enterprise Sciences, postgraduate in Audit of Accounts and masters MBA, enthusiastic of the world of the economy and the enterprise management. In order to share his commentaries and their point of view on these subjects, he visits:. economiasencilla.