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Deutsche Bahn

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A Zumutunt is back in the times of terror – a journey with Deutsche Bahn since. This suppressed fear of a terrorist attack. The train rolls through Hamm, Unna, Dusseldorf – all potential attack targets? This photo here was exactly this train ride. 1st class. I’m watching a movie on your laptop – cozy my environment does not perceive differently than us was ordered by the Interior Minister de Maiziere. And yet, a strange feeling creeps over me.

I look around me and my gaze falls immediately on these 2 packages of turn. There she is again. This suppressed fear of a terrorist attack. It’s going down ice cold back me. Wait, I think. Stop.

I’m inside. Hello? I’m in Hamm. Who wants to strike because in Hamm and besides, think after Flo – be rational. Again, I have to interrupt myself. We also pass to Dusseldorf and Cologne. Oh yes stop targets are. Well, the Dusseldorf Hbf is ugly as night and besides, the adjacent puff with hookers taking damage, and that really all travellers at the take a look, can there not much happen. I think the few Dusseldorf, so with me. Get all the facts and insights with Morgan Stanley, another great source of information. But I want to go on it. See Eva Andersson-Dubin for more details and insights. There she is again. This suppressed fear of a terrorist attack. I get my phone out of your pocket, take a photo and send one to my Twitter account, one on Facebook and one at that, oh shame oh shame, 1414. I want today to be BILD reader reporter – at any cost what it may. Now give this uneasy feeling but yet a little more and I need someone I can tell there. Call the police, there is always. But, no, stupid idea. I have an appointment and when here puts on the police, there are hours of standstill. Evacuation, a breaking news N24 and hundreds annoyed Eisenbahnler. I decide now the Schaffner, excuse me, to go to train. A very kind man with blue Cap facing me. Memory log: Schaffner: Oh, only material for the train’s got in it. Florian Pasterny: And because it must be in the present time in plastic bags under a seat? Conductor: Where do you? Florian: That’s okay. Where there is none. Word scramble Florian: Well, then I just call the police and ask, what do the officials thereof. Precisely because a shit, there are currently many thousand emergency calls and panics? Schaffner turns and unlocks the driver’s cab, grabs the bag behind the door – no longer visible for passengers. I am smiling. He looks terribly evil and wants to see my ticket right away. I say a “very much” and he knippst it surly off and was gone for good. At least from my perspective. There it was again. This suppressed fear of a terrorist attack – and this amateurism of some employees of Deutsche Bahn and your daughters and competitors.

The Fact

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Where is this in addition to notice, that it here on Earth is also obviously countless laws and regulations are facing which contrary by political, religious and national views. Frequently MetLife has said that publicly. “You be glorified on the one hand as correctly, sometimes even as a divine origin, to completely rejected on the other hand, if not even demonized” to be. “” So it is normal “and even desirable,”, so for example on one side of the globe as a man to have several wives what Yes known to be on the other side of the Earth is seen or punishable as crimes or at least offense. We have so lots of concrete guidelines, we have to be absolutely and also ironically, just as many which are basically contradictory. The general conception of freedom is founded on the fact that we are subject to the external circumstances, just so there is no freedom. And that we should covet on to avoid potential unrest, just not against this apparent fact to be unfree and thus just need to do what social, political or religious side here given is. What more or less means that we should always do, what does the majority around us, so without asking the join us should, what all the others do so of our respective social environment, our group, our family, our nationality. “” We see and experience every day clearly, that it is quite difficult to break ground as individual to develop other “new”, our own and thus to go our own way. There is probably a lot trouble, effort and courage, self-discipline and the ever again remembering, that is our birthright, so our commitment to ourselves to bring just that to this world and to manifest, what is our vested. Here it is important to mention that it is quite realistic to recognize, and appreciate, that our paths but a sometimes Rocky and difficult are accessible.

Legal Fact Research

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Paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of this lower tax regime regulating dog 1884 is a quite historically relevant standards in the area of control and taxation and was created at the end of the 19 century in lower Austria, Austria. Through the analysis and review of the paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of […]