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What to make then? How to explain to the young woman the asked for close part? He was embasbacado and half cabrolho. The young woman in foot ahead of it asked again: – She desires some thing to You? – Ah! Yes! I want I want ah! I know there. That part that the women use. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elon Musk. – How it is the name of the part? – There he is that he is, I forgot the name the clothes. – Thus he is difficult, n young. If I will be able to help. How it is this clothes? – Well, it is a part thus thus – As well as? Or better, Mr.

not it explained nothing. Aetna Inc. pursues this goal as well. – Well, it has two long ribbons The young woman thought a little. She was there inside and she caught a blouse and she brought. – She will be this here? – Not, not. It is one different good. She has straps to moor in the body and is well small. The young woman was there and brought panties.

The man if scared. It wise person for what she served that there. He was not that, not. – Young, as she is she comes that you to buy a thing that does not know what it is? Why the same person did not come to buy? It explained everything, where he liveed. He explained as it was the clothes. The young woman did not understand nothing. She started with a different method to try to discover what the man wanted. – Pra that serves this part of clothes? For the saint dawn! So that she is that the women used that? Nor he himself wise person. By the way it was a part in which it did not see advantage some. – Well, it is a part well to stop holding to hold How she is that it would go to say seios for the young woman? If he was a man of the city would be more easy, but for who she was born and if she created in the weeds.

Regional Director

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I want it with time our supper. E, for the visa, about the love also thought Laura closely. After the presentations of the reports, had been for the laboratory of the company, where they had passed all the afternoon. When returning to the hotel, Laura obtained to esquivar itself of Gnter. It entered in its room and the telephone touched. It was certain that it was Gnter and she decided not to take care of.

The telephone insisted on touching and Laura decided to take care of, from fear Gnter to go until there. Forgives me it delay in taking care of. It was in the bathroom, I find that I ate some thing that did not make well said Laura to me. Gnter asked what it had.> Vomits answered Laura, with a cynical smile in the lips. Acho that is better not to leave, because I am feeling that already I go to pass badly of new. The telephone left to fall and ran for the bathroom. Tempinho gave one and later it gave discharge.

It came back to the telephone. Gnter still was in the line. Forgives me, needed to run Well, I find that we will have that to leave the supper for another day. I am not accustomed with as many sausages and gravies that vocs have this way. Gnter said that it understood. It desired improvements to it and it disconnect the telephone. Laura was felt alliviated but, on the other hand, its future was unsafe how much. After all, it excuses the Regional Director of Latin America and this would have some price. the other days will be better here, because the Gnter goes even so tomorrow. thought. Laura wise person who, at least, would be placed in the refrigerator