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Luis Perfume

Posted by Carlota on November 9, 2016 with Comments Closed
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Luis Olmedo, of Mexican origin, seted out from his arrival Spain to develop an activity like industralist, since he in his country was accumulated experience facing the public, although not so much in the part of management of the business, and after happening through a restoration experience he decided to take the step to the sector of the perfume shop. For that reason preferred to resort to the tax exemption since I consider an associationism formula ideal, in which the power station of a chain of centers that they have a demonstrated success provides necessary wickers to you so that with your effort it leaves the business ahead, with more possibilities of surviving than if you started up of independent way, Luis Olmedo explains. Luis considers that the equivalence perfume shop is a very complete business, as raises the standard since he already it knew something similar in its earth and knew that was successful, that the consumers bet to pay less in exchange for receiving, that yes, quality. In addition, it is a very profitable concept since it complements the perfume shop with cosmetic and the soap factory, which always is more complete, it affirms Luis. So, before contacting with the power station, in Saragossa, I went through one of the stores of Equivalenza and buys some products, to be sure that the quality that was going to offer to my clients was the wished one.

And convinced, I started up, finalizes the franchise-holder. The establishment counts with 25 meters square and 10 more of warehouse. It hardly had to make work in the premises since previously it had been a florist’s and it was not necessary to remodelar nothing almost. The initial investment has gone up to around the 25,000 Euros and its intention is to start up another Equivalenza premises shortly, if possible in the district of Crooked, to take advantage of synergies, once you already know as it works. Equivalenza Refan offers a concept of unique business being based on perfumes in bulk of the high equivalence with the great marks and a level of incomparable fixation. This company offers in each of its stores 150 perfumes of white mark, with a guaranteed fixation. The perfume is within containers or stills that allow the filled up one of bottles in view of the client. This concept allows a triple loyalty of users since although at the outset it is a purchase by impulse, later the quality and the price obtains that it is a loyalty sale.

This is completed every month incorporating new perfumes in the stores, adapting to the tendencies of the sales of continuous form. Equivalenza Refan offers a concept of unique business being based on perfumes of the high equivalence with the great marks and a level of incomparable fixation in bulk. The perfumes make with all the certificates and ISO of quality and that note in their fixation similar to the great marks. Swarmed by offers, Intel is currently assessing future choices. Only the pocket notices the difference. At present, Equivalenza has distributors anywhere in the world and has more than 85 stores in Spain.