The Attitude

Posted by Carlota on December 27, 2021
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They become exesposo, It exesposa, but the divorce does not make them expadres. Studies show, that it is preferable to the emotional balance and the healthy development of children, a few separate but happy parents some parents who live together but fighting, without bringing any love relationship. Over time they will come to understand it, if it is handled assertively, may even assume it as one experience of his life that will make them grow as people. However, to make this happen, it is essential to consider some basic recommendations: do not use the children as revenge elements, manipulate them, ignore them as people, reducing them to the quality of objects; show respect to the figure of his expareja; dialogue, maintaining a composed attitude, sincerely explain (without painful detail) what is happening, the because, without blaming anyone, much less to the children because it can affect severely; encourage to ask whatever you want and answer you frankly, taking into account your age, ability to understand and their personal characteristics. It must also allow you express their feelings before the divorce whenever you want it and understand it, express their feelings so know what you their parents are feeling and say that this whole situation by more painful it is for the welfare of all; strengthen the relationship with their children, looking for moments to share and not limit the relationship to the material aspect.

I don’t want to give a cookbook, because there are no magic recipes that solve all the problems; each case is so unique as the way to resolve it, but some suggestions with which it is possible to overcome this difficult situation together with their children. It is important that persons involved in divorce know that, despite the difficulty of the process, this is transient and have the certainty that things will get better, will be able to overcome it and rebuild their lives, both them and their children. If transmitted you this children relieve many anxieties and fears faced in this period. Divorce is an end of interminable discussions of violence, incomprehension, coldness, indifference, and a start to reconstruction of new conditions of life, a new organization and family dynamics, renewed relations with himself and with others, hope toward the future. It is possible that they experience personal growth, product of this process. With divorce exconyuges, have no because see as enemies; by the own mental and psychological health and their children should be treated to resume the degree of friendship they had before or during the marriage, respect the other as father or mother of their children and educate together with love and responsibility to them. This will demonstrate the maturity with which it has been assumed the separation. Undoubtedly changes the lives of each of the members of the family, how change will depend on the attitude with which you assume. If everyone in the family strives to understand, to mature and to test new ways of wanting to live together, be happy, although they do not live together. It is possible to build new family relationships less typical, but perfectly functional development affective of each Member of the family. Original author and source of the article.