The Beauty

Posted by Carlota on November 23, 2013
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4. -. – The used effects to part of the created ones by the own VTS that already you know that they work deleys, echoes, cut-of etc to secure the wished sound, I have worked with some effect of depth, deley, echoes and equalizations. 5. – Automatizations have been 3, two of them to give cut-of for two syntes and one of reverberation for snare. 6. – Tempo to 124 bpm. Tracks: 1.

– Of percussion there are 10 tracks, something that in vain musical motivates much to me, for my the percussion and under a subject is its soul the rest is touch, musical quality, joy, the beauty. Of these 10 tracks there is kick or big drum with four blows created in grove generator and happened through an effect that has flx called to soundgozer giving more depth him and making it more serious, the big drum is very important, gives much sense him to the subject. Soon studio in minute 1.50 is snare own of flx I give an automatization him with a surrounding one of 12 seconds. We have a Hihat removed from the VTS vanguard that begins at the outset with a blow and not loose it until the silence of minute 5,56. There are 2 claps of two blows, these concerned them use at the outset and soon to make some flexion in the subject. Percs are 5, one concerned of 5 blows and the other created with sytrus and vanguard, 2 of most important them (those than they stand out more in the subject) have paning to 100%L-R, the one of the ecualizada right side with a surrounding one, these two percs one of 2 blows or another one of a blow to misfortune. 2, – the low one is 1 track, created with the VTS nexus of its bookstore trancebass 6, modifying filter and reverberation.