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Posted by Carlota on November 30, 2016
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Leaving of the necessity to know and to value the daily one of classroom as instrument, of in such a way expressive nature on what it is accomplished in classroom how much epistmica in the direction of dialogue with the surrounding educational reality in them let us tie to the broken questions of the following hypotheses: Os educators, when they receive the daily one from classroom as register instrument, observe in this the possibility to join practical theory and in its work; Quando requested for the coordination pedagogical, also called pertaining to school supervision, to demonstrate the result of its work during or in the period of a semester, make it more for a bureaucratic requirement of what for a necessity aprendente, experiencial, formative; they Quem watches over for the course of this work next to the professor it is the school as a whole, that is, as complex organization aprendente (including educational and teaching managers, supervisors, people who orientates), a quarrel and has debated cyclical on the proposal pedagogical of the educational institution as a whole organic one; O daily of classroom is one of the main modalities of accompaniment and evaluation of the work of the professor in the school. When the professors, armed of an initial formation and tried through continuous formation, offered or not for the school, receive the daily one from classroom veem, it more as a form to organize the work inside of disciplines lecionada e, to the step that goes giving the lessons, to observe it as half of curricular adequacy of a period of learning period for another one. This fact can cost the professor, perceive that the school is also a way of construction it knowledge and it does not have to be taken as effect of acquisition of one to only know already elaborated and that must canonic be followed as pertaining to school resume.. .