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Posted by Carlota on December 8, 2021
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Works councils have no say in hiring temporary workers. The workers only and no rights have him this company. Contracts closed., which discriminate against the temporary workers through the Government and trade unions were unconstitutional. The law on the implementation of European directives on the implementation of the principle that equal treatment (anti-discrimination) 1 AGG 1 article law’s purpose is the aim of the Act, to prevent discrimination based on race or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability or sexual identity or to eliminate. 2 scope of disadvantages for a reason referred to in section 1 under the Act inadmissible in terms of are: the conditions, including selection criteria and recruitment conditions, access to imputed and independent employment, regardless of activity and professional position and for the promotion. More info: Gerard Deulofeu. The Employment and working conditions including remuneration and dismissal conditions, particularly in individual – and group-legal arrangements and measures in the implementation and the termination of an employment relationship as well as the professional exit.

Access to all types and to all levels of vocational guidance, vocational training, including vocational training, advanced vocational training and retraining, as well as practical experience. The membership and participation in a workers – or Association of employers or an association, the members of a particular profession belong to, including the use of the services of such associations. Social protection, including social security and health services. The social advantages the creation of access to and the supply of goods and services which are available to the public, including housing. The social security code according to 33 c of the first book of the social code and apply to services 19 of the fourth book of the social code.

The occupational pension Act applies to the company pension plan. The validity of the prohibition of discrimination or the bids of equal treatment will not be affected by this law. This also applies to public law regulations, which are aimed at protecting certain groups of people. Only the provisions relating to General and specific protection apply to cancellations. Article 12 of the basic law all Germans have the right to work, freely to choose work center and training facility. The profession may be regulated by law or reason, a law. No one may be compelled to a certain work, except in the context of a traditional General, for all same-public service obligation forced labour is permitted only with a court-ordered detention of a. There are coercive measures for ALG II and Hartz IV recipients! (1 euro jobs, internships free test work, etc.) They are forced under threat of penalties these activities run, otherwise the cover will be reduced. Their rights be restricted pursuant to article 19 of the basic law, although this paragraph 3, article 79 amendment of this basic law, through which the outline of the Federal Government in countries, the fundamental participation of countries in the legislation or the articles 1 touch principles set out 20 basic law, are not permitted. Article 10 of the post and telecommunications secrecy 1. The secrecy of correspondence, as well as the post and telecommunications secrecy shall be inviolable. This is fraud on behalf of the Government, trade unions and employee representatives. It can not be that works here someone for 7.50 euros an hour, the taxpayers get bonuses at the expense of a competitive advantage is the company thus and drives the regular companies, into bankruptcy.